It’s Official…I Am a CPLC!

Stepping Into a God-Inspired Vision

Going out on a limb back in 2013, I set a whole new path for my life. I walked away from a longstanding career and ventured down the proverbial road less traveled, kind of like Hansel and Gretel as they ventured into the unknown depths of the forest. I found myself in a place that was scary, unpredictable, and full of unexpected roadblocks. However, I was determined to keep my focus on purposeful living, so I set some very specific goals with the intention of living life on my own terms.

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On October 4, 2015 I experienced major joy when I achieved one of those goals. I became a Certified Professional Life Coach! When the SOAR vision began to unfold I knew a big part of that vision was to be in service to others as they strive to make heads or tails out of their own lives and define what fun, freedom and fulfillment looks like for them.

Integrated life coaching and personal development is my approach as I assume the identity of The Life Coaching Educator. This is my way of building community, making contribution, and inspiring change! So, the journey continues…