Our Guests 2016

Innarae Guy

Creating buzz as the artist who makes you think, Innarae Guy started writing poems at the age of ten and songs, by fifteen. Her work exemplifies an appreciation of the human spirit, knowledge of purpose, and love of beauty. Through poetry and music Innarae encourages readers and listeners to return “home”, to transform, and discover that absolutely no circumstance can diminish the life and light that shines within each soul. Her latest project fuses poetry with a Neo-Soul sound in celebration of Sankofa, an African concept which defines the process of going back to our roots, searching out, and acquiring what would be helpful to move forward in life.
Working with a music producer from BlackCree Studios, InnaRae studied the voice of her late grandmother, Irene Johnson to create the album, Rena’s Moan, an intimate and deep-seated portrayal of what she believes sums up only a portion of her grandmother’s experiences. Each song tells a story that strikes a delicate balance between facing demons and transforming them into something that can be of great value to others who seek truth. Through her work with Red Wall Productions Innarae has produced The Journey to Rena’s Moan, a documentary that compels women who struggle with sexual shame and generational wounds to start the healing journey and allow their authentic gifts to shine. Innarae is well appreciated by an audience of young girls through her program, Rena’s Chance, a workshop designed to recognize, promote, and establish a link between inner healing, well being and creative expression among girls ages 12-18. Innarae challenges the negative thought patterns found in today’s mainstream musical/ written/spoken expression and inspires young ladies to identify and share their beauty and authentic voices with the world around them!

Loren Johnson-Rosa, founder of We Help People LLC,
 is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) serving families throughout the state of New Jersey. Her career spans across 15 years of service to children, families, and child-serving organizations. She began her service with the Trenton Community and later branched out to other counties within the state of New Jersey. Dedicated to working with children and their families, Loren enrolled at Rutgers University in New Brunswick where she earned a bachelor and master of science degrees in Children and Family counseling with a concentration in drug and alcohol studies. During her educational journey, she worked with Mercer Street Friends initially teaching HIV/AIDS education and prevention throughout the Trenton Public School District and then as a Job Placement Counselor for individuals receiving Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) through Mercer County Board of Social Services. In collaboration with the School-Based Youth Services Program and the Urban League she developed, TLC – a program for teen pregnancy, teaching Tender, Loving and Care skills to pregnant teens and their babies. Her clinical expertise began in her home town of Princeton, NJ where she completed her internship and was offered a position as a clinical therapist. Understanding her passion to help the disenfranchised, she accepted a position with the Juvenile Justice Commission New Jersey Training School (NJTS) for young males in New Jersey’s correctional facilities. Eventually recognizing that she had come full circle working full time, Loren decided that she had more than enough experience to open up her own agency to service children. Hence, WE HELP PEOPLE, LLC was birthed with focus being that she become a brick in the foundation of those trying to establish themselves within today’s societal norms.

Bishop Shirley Gaines

Bishop Sidney Gaines and his wife Dr Shirley Gaines are truly a “gospel duo”. Married for over 35 years, they learn together, grow together and serve together, living out their God-given purpose through their marriage commitment. On the one hand, they have many things in common (including coming from large families) and complement one another quite well. On the other, they are individual powerhouses. Bishop Gaines, the seventh of nine children, is a licensed therapist, a tax preparer, a financial services professional and a certified life coach. He received his doctorate in Clinical Religious Counseling from The Shepherd’s Care Bible College. Dr Shirley is the sixth of eight children and has an equally eclectic mind having studied topics ranging from computer programming and electronic engineering to human resources and mental health. She also attended The Shepherd’s Care College, receiving a Doctorate in Clinical Religious Counseling. Dr Shirley is also a licensed minister, certified life coach and author of the book, In your Journey Lies Your Awakening. She founded Journey of Awakening, a business offering various products and services based on the book.

Kenny Lewis

Kenneth J. Lewis, Sr. is a self-instructed Artist who began painting on canvas at the unusual age of 47 years.  Kenneth has a spiritual relationship and deep sensitivity for what he produces.  On New Year’s Day 2008, Kenneth painted his very first piece; he called it “Contemplation”.  It was an inner reflective painting as he sat home contemplating his future after 24 years of marriage. He quickly learned he had a very raw and latent gift that could no longer be held back.  Kenneth painted more as a hobby from 2008 until the death of his beautiful Mother in 2012.  His Mother’s departure from earth ignited the artist flow in him.  He knew that he had to create, not only for himself, but also for his late Mother, and for generations that follow. Kenneth J. Lewis, Sr. calls his studio KJL Art Sanctuary and says, “I know what I feel when creating in The Sanctuary.  Creating in KJL Art Sanctuary allows me to connect spiritually with each piece I create.”

Erica Gordon

Eric Gordon is the founder of Moms With Dreams University™, the educational resource for women who desire more. She is the creative force and compiler of the Amazon bestseller, Motherhood Dreams & Success: You Can Have It All, and the host of the popular Moms With Dreams Show, her weekly podcast. Despite being a teen mom, Erica was determined to be more than a statistic. She persevered with her educational goals and earned her Bachelors degree in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship after 15 years of taking classes in between taking care of her family. A few years later, she acquired her Masters degree in Psychology and became a certified professional coach while going through a challenging divorce, working full-time, and repositioning her life.

Ken and Melissa Morici

Ken and Melissa Morici, husband and wife business team, have experience and skills that complement each other very well.  By combining Ken’s finance, management and electrical experience with Melissa’s advertising, marketing and networking skills, they create a strong well-rounded leadership team for their business, Mr Electric.com/Princeton.  Melissa possesses a diverse background in sales and marketing combined with a passion for building strong relationships with her clients.  Ken is a strong talented leader with over 30 years of diverse business experience in electrical sales, electrical contracting, procurement, accounting, and information technology.

Lisa Austin Granville is a minister of the gospel who loves God, God’s Word and God’s people. She believes it is an honor to engage in ministry so that God is glorified and the needs of people are met. Her passion is to evangelize the disenfranchised and broken hearted, and is very comfortable meeting people right where they are.  A powerful initiative that Lisa just established through the leading of the Spirit is Woman With A Sword Ministries”, a ministry geared towards teaching women to use the Word of God skillfully, prayerfully believing God for deliverance and healing by the Word. Currently Lisa is pursuing her B.A Degree in Biblical Studies at Oral Roberts University via Pneuma Life School of Ministry in Rahway, NJ.