Bishop Sidney and Dr Shirley Gaines

Bishop Sidney and Dr Shirley Gaines


The Gospel Duo

Bishop Shirley Gaines

Bishop Sidney Gaines and his wife Dr Shirley Gaines are truly a “gospel duo”. Married for over 35 years, they learn together, grow together and serve together, living out their God-given purpose through their marriage commitment. On the one hand, they have many things in common (including coming from large families) and complement one another quite well. On the other, they are individual powerhouses.

Bishop Gaines, the seventh of nine children, is a licensed therapist, a tax preparer, a financial services professional and a certified life coach. He received his doctorate in Clinical Religious Counseling from The Shepherd’s Care Bible College.

Dr Shirley is the sixth of eight children and has an equally eclectic mind having studied topics ranging from computer programming and electronic engineering to human resources and mental health. She also attended The Shepherd’s Care College, receiving a Doctorate in Clinical Religious Counseling. Dr Shirley is also a licensed minister, certified life coach and author of the book, In your Journey Lies Your Awakening. She founded Journey of Awakening, a business offering various products and services based on the book.

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