Meshagae Hunte-Brown and Franklin Ellis

Meshagae Hunte-Brown and Franklin Ellis


Dr Meshagae Hunte-Brown, University Professor
Franklin Ellis, Student of Life and Extreme Sports Enthusiast

Meshagae Hunte-Brown, PhD, Biology Professor  is a Jamaican National. She completed her undergraduate and Master of Philosophy degree in Jamaica before moving to the US and ultimately becoming a PhD student at Drexel University. As a student at Drexel, she worked with Sue Kilham on Stream Foodwebs in Panama using Stable Isotopes. Mesha has always seen herself as a teacher and spent much of her academic career as a student narrowing down the level of education that she wanted  to contribute to. She currently teaches large introductory level non-major courses in as well as open enrollment Environmental Science courses and enjoys engaging the minds of the student who has had limited exposure to the field of Biology.

Franklin Ellis, Student of Life and Extreme Sports is a contemplative young man, a choreographer and student at mastering the art of living. He love for travel aligns well with his enthusiasm of extreme sports. He’s been known to sky dive, snowboard and mountain bike . He has a counter-culture mindset that makes him extraordinarily engaging.

Mesha and Franklin are both member of a private travel club. For details visit


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