Carmella Carter

Carmella Carter


I Am Grace 

Carmella Carter is more than just a motivational speaker and life coach; she is also the founder of her own company, “I Am Grace.” Carmella had a childhood unlike many others. Growing up in Trenton, NJ she was accustomed to seeing sex, drugs, and violence daily and unfortunately became a product of her environment. She became a mother at the tender age of 16 and had to face more difficulties than what she was prepared to handle. Teen parenting was a weight on Carmella’s shoulders that forced her to grow up overnight.

Without any direction from her parents, she dropped out of high school in the 11th grade so that she could raise her child as a full time mother. Carmella ran into numerous roadblocks while trying to find housing, substantial finances, childcare, and education but made it a priority to provide the best possible life for her and her son during the time. Her primary goal now is to help teens and young parents understand the importance of family values and how to ensure a determined, committed and successful lifestyle.

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