Cherylle McFarland


RN, Reiki Master, Certified Professional Coach

Cherylle McFarland



Enthusiastic about bridging the gap between traditional and holistic medicine, Cherylle is an experienced RN, Healthcare Administrator, Reiki Master and Certified Life Coach. She had provided expert, compassionate and quality nursing care in many clinical areas, such as Hospitals, Community Care (Chronically ill/Physically Disabled) , Foster Care, Mental Health and for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.


Passionate about advocacy and empowerment, Cherylle integrates energy healing and wellness coaching enabling clients to experience emotional, physical and mental balance. She works collaboratively with her clients to develop strategies which will empower them to make informed and desired life, health and wellness decisions for themselves or loved ones.  She is also the founder of TNT Reiki in NYC.

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