Leontine Osuagwu

Leontine Osuagwu


Founder and CEO of Liberating TAMAR Inc

Leontine Asuagwu

Leontine speaks about Liberating Tamar Inc (Trusting God, Accepting Myself And Rising):
I birthed this ministry out of my own struggles with rejection, low self-esteem, anger and self-hatred after being sexually and emotionally abused. My heart was filled with anger, insecurity, rejection and feelings of worthlessness which led to depression and an overwhelming and an unhealthy desire to please everyone around me. These emotional issues were threatening to destroy my relationships, my career and my health and my destiny but God revealed himself to me as a deliverer, a healer, a counselor and a comforter.

I am delighted to share my story of victory with women around the world. The name Liberating Tamar” is inspired by the story of Tamar in the bible in 2 Samuel Chapter 13. Tamar was King David’s daughter. David was the second king of Israel. King David had eight wives and multiple concubines (book of chronicles). He had 19 sons and Tamar was his only daughter.


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