Kenneth Lewis Sr

Kenneth Lewis Sr


Kenneth Lewis Sr, Self-Instructed Artist

Kenny Lewis

Kenneth J. Lewis, Sr. is a self-instructed Artist who began painting on canvas at the unusual age of 47 years.  Kenneth has a spiritual relationship and deep sensitivity for what he produces.  On New Year’s Day 2008, Kenneth painted his very first piece; he called it “Contemplation”.  It was an inner reflective painting as he sat home contemplating his future after 24 years of marriage. He quickly learned he had a very raw and latent gift that could no longer be held back.

Kenneth painted more as a hobby from 2008 until the death of his beautiful Mother in 2012.  His Mother’s departure from earth ignited the artist flow in him.  He knew that he had to create, not only for himself, but also for his late Mother, and for generations that follow. Kenneth J. Lewis, Sr. calls his studio KJL Art Sanctuary and says, “I know what I feel when creating in The Sanctuary.  Creating in KJL Art Sanctuary allows me to connect spiritually with each piece I create.”

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