Brian Sienkiewicz

Brian Sienkiewicz


Woodworking and Surf photography by Jenna Seitz of Epoch Trading Post

SOAR Values
Community and Family

On the community and family side

Brian Sienkiewicz is the Field Coordinator with a non-profit organization called Bridges to Employment a sub division of Alternatives Inc. Brian runs a Career Education and Work Readiness Program that allows high school students with special needs as well as at risk youth learn what the world has to offer while building the necessary skills and tools to gain employment.

The students involved with the Bridges to Employment Work Readiness program are given the opportunity to learn about entry level and career level jobs by hands-on exposure right in their own communities. Brian seeks out employers who will allow students to observe as well as sample job tasks with an actual employee. This community-based collaboration allows the students to assess their own skills and interests.

And recently Brian was also a judge for the Miss Starlite Galaxy Pageant.  And this is how we actually met!

On the creative side

Brian feeds his creative side through his business, Wood Vibrations Restorations. He upcycles wood materials into home décor pieces, such as turning old wooden doors into bookshelves or coffee tables.

With his dog Gypsy at his side Brian scours the beach in search of driftwood to make candle holders, burning mantras into them.  He and Gypsy sell their wares at local farmer/artisan markets  and a local store on the Asbury Park Boardwalk. One of the markets in Asbury Park has also hired Brian to interview other vendors and photograph their work.

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Instagram: wood_vibrations_restorations


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