#QuickQuote Synopsis


This book is a testament to the presence of God in my life, over the entire course of my life—growing, developing and maturing from a little girl to an adolescent, to a young adult, to a grown woman, and finally to the liberated woman I believe I am today.

With liberation comes freedom and, like Nina Simone, I believe freedom is the absence of fear. The abolition of fear in my life has been a long time coming, over nearly six decades—from the trauma and fear I experienced much too young in life, from the fear I overcame in order to relinquish feelings of inadequacy and the belief that I was never quite good or smart enough, from the fear of greatness that had me playing way too small, from the fear that I would go through my entire life and never stand in the same room with my father, and, most decidedly, from the fear of giving God total and complete control over my life.

Maya Angelo once said, “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” As I enter my sixth decade of living, I choose not to be reduced by the events of life while also choosing not to fear the events of life. God is now the boss of my life and this book chronicles my journey of awakening.

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