In the Studio

In the Studio

I recently spent time in the studio at Princeton Television taping a new episode of The Place to SOAR TV. What a time we had! Whenever I’m there it turns into a mini reunion with old friends, like studio staff or director Irvin Harmon of Irvin J Productions. And, of course, my extraordinary guests, this time starting with Pastor Melinda N Samuels and ending with Lisa Austin aka “Love Lisa“—two people who represent the richness of God’s human family. Check out the pictures!

More details about episodes in the studio are coming soon. In the meantime check our YouTube Channels.

The Place to SOAR TV is all about sharing community stories and seeing life through different lenses.
Communities are filled with all kinds of stories of people doing incredible things to engage, enrich, and connect to the lives of others. The Place to SOAR TV is dedicated to capturing those stories.

We feature guests from diverse backgrounds – professionally, socially and culturally – hailing from local communities and beyond.  The topics reflect the SOAR Values and guests openly share their life experiences, transitions, self-discoveries, lessons learned, and why they do what they do.

Doing this work has taught me to appreciate the many talented and gifted people are out there, coming from all walks of life. Because of this show I have come to believe that the contribution of so many individuals at the “grassroots” level coupled with those who rise to the top, collectively make the world go round.

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