2021 Health & Equity Forum Part 1

2021 Health & Equity Forum Part 1

Anita D Russell, Forum Moderator

It’s my distinct honor to moderate the 2021 Health & Equity Forum Part 1. The forum series is hosted by the U.S. Coalition of Black Women Business. Conversations on the topic of social, health, and economic equity—which we have dubbed the Power of SHEE—are critical 2021. As we ponder bold steps to transform the nation to embrace equity and antiracism, the right voices must be heard. Be sure to REGISTER to join the conversation.

Part 1 of the forum series features two significant voices from the nonprofit and corporate worlds. One voice is that of Valerie White, the Executive Director of LISC NYC, a nonprofit organization grounded in its commitment to investing in a racially equitable future for New York City. The other is the voice of Darryl M. Ramsey, Director of Government & Public Sector at Ernst & Young. The EY Entrepreneurs Network is of particular interest to business owners at USCBWB.

The Conversation Started in 2020

Additionally, I had the pleasure of moderating two equally critical conversations in 2020. The first featured Dr.Ram Raju, Senior Vice President and Community Health Investment Officer at Northwell Health. Dr. Raju stressed that there can be no health equity without social equity. He also dropped these words of wisdom to the healthcare sector, “The best way to meet and overcome such cultural challenges is by making sure we hire a truly diverse array of doctors, nurses and administrators who can then educate their own communities and effect positive change.”

Afterwards, we had a robust and impactful discussion with Dr. Jo-Ann Rolle, Dean of the School of Business at Medgar Evers College. Dr. Rolle shared her exceptional wisdom and leadership in this discussion of mobilizing equity for Black women business owners. Topics included developing and leveraging strategic partnerships; small business development; and disadvantaged business development in spite of the pandemic. She left us with these powerful words, “We must become our own job creators, job innovators, and entrepreneurial disruptors in a world that is not colorblind.”

U.S. Coalition of Black Businesses
is pleased to announce the first forum of 2021. Continuing the conversation on the Power of SHEE: Social Health, and Economic Equity, we begin the discussion with leaders from LISC NYC and Ernst & Young.

The Power of SHEE:
Social, Health, and Economic Equity

JANUARY 19, 2021 | 12:30-1:30 PM ET

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