The Place to SOAR Concept

“Expect your every need to be met, expect the answer to every problem, expect abundance on every level, expect to grow spiritually.”

— Eileen Caddy

A Social Enterprise

The Place to SOAR is a social enterprise that grew out of my personal life experiences. Quite simply, it is a social enterprise dedicated to cultivating change through daily growth and personal development. In 2013 I made a milestone decision and took a very bold step in life – retire early and walk away from a successful corporate career to pursue a new career as a social entrepreneur. I found it was virtually impossible to fit this big dream into my then current life. So I took the necessary steps to redesign my life, considering some critical areas such as my faith and belief system, my family and relationships, my personal economy and business.

Step Out and Redesign You!

Out of this decision and experience arose a concept referred to as SOAR, an acronym for “Step Out And Redesign You!” The SOAR concept is based on the premise that we are each a unique creation of gifts and talents, dreams and aspirations to be realized in the discovery of purpose and connection with others. Embedded in each of us is a God-created blueprint for our lives and our purpose. The implication and belief is that purpose is not simply picked but discovered.

Self-Discovery. Expression. Connection.

As life progresses, as we grow and develop, we often deviate from the blueprint and go through seasons where it is necessary to tear down and redesign various aspects of our lives to get back on track. Redesign requires us to have the courage and the boldness to look honestly at ourselves with a sense of responsibility and accountability for the state and quality of our lives. It also means permitting ourselves to SOAR as high as we desire in spite of our circumstances or past. My strong belief is that there is no limit to what we can uniquely accomplish in life and how high we SOAR is influenced first by God’s blueprint, then by self-discovery, expression and connection to others.