Anita D Russell, MEd


Life Coach
Speaker | Author
Change Cultivator


First and foremost I am a woman of God. I have had a personal relationship with God as my creator, savior and comforter since the age of five when I experienced childhood trauma and God showed up just when I needed Him most.

As an entrepreneur I founded The Place to SOAR as a social enterprise to feed my passion for investing in the growth and development of people by building community, making a contribution and inspiring change. The Place to SOAR integrates life coaching and personal development through the sharing of life challenges, transitions, victories and setbacks.

I am a published author and my first publication, Motherhood Dreams and Success: You Can Have It All, is an anthology full of inspiration and wisdom from a very diverse group of women from around the world. Participation in this project earned me the title of International Best Selling Author. In my second book I am one of 21 co-authors of the anthology, Empower Your Life, launching on March 20, 2018.

I Wanna See Laney’s House, released in March 2019, is my debut as a solo author. Long in the making. this sibling story has challenged me to dig as deep as necessary to find my own voice and my own faith, trust and belief in God, to share my journey of deliverance through spiritual development and mental wellness.

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