Antiracism Activation Summit 2023

Antiracism Activation Requires Action

It is not a trickle down phenomena driven by the hierarchy of a few. Rather it is a trickle up transformation catalyzed by the grassroots efforts of many. We are resilient in the struggle to eradicate racism and empower antiracism activation. We are unrelenting in our quest for social, health and economic equity. We are unyielding in the pursuit of justice.



Jan 2023

Anita D Russell

Antiracism Activation Summit Producer & Founder/CEO of The Place to SOAR

Personal Transformation As a Revolution of One

The first revolution is when you change your mind. — Gil Scott Heron

Why I Created the Summit

To speak in the vernacular of Dr Rachel Knox, MD, MBA, I see personal transformation in a racialized society as the revolution of one. My role as a personal transformation expert is to ask questions, inform, and empower change. I create courageous space for conversations about personal transformation, racism, and accountability by disrupting limiting beliefs, empowering critical self-reflection, and challenging assumptions. I developed the Activism through Coaching Model as an approach to personal transformation based on two fundamental questions:

      1. Should we continue to advance a system that encourages racism and division, or can we seek unity and change through conversation and personal transformation?
      2. The Cairo Question: Will my grandson, Cairo, have to protest in his lifetime for the birthright to freely and peacefully exist in the skin in which he was born?


Hence the Summit Revolution.

Treble NLS

Emmy-Award Winning Poet & Head Teaching Artist at 1Hood Media: The Vanguard of Arts and Activism

Treble NLS is a multi-hyphenate, Emmy-Award Winning artist from Pittsburgh, PA. Treble is known locally for his work with 1Hood Media as lead teaching artist and arts coordinator. Treble’s message lies within his name, NLS, which means Never Lose Sight. 


Why I Joined the Summit

The number one reason I want to be part of the summit is to expand my message on creating space for humanity. Part of my activism is dismantling white supremacy culture and activating the power of humanity

Dr. Ashley Dash

Dash Consulting Group: Helping You Help Your Employees

Dr. Ashley Dash inspires action through her lived experiences in person and online. She is known for her ability to help individuals identify the patterns that keep them stuck and is determined to create safe spaces for Black business professionals in Corporate America. Dr. Dash has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, an MBA, and a Doctorate of Strategic Leadership from Regent University. She is also a Certified Job and Career Development and Transition Coach. However, celebrating Black men remains her favorite superpower, so she founded National Black Man Day® on August 8th, 2020, to do just that.


Why I Joined the Summit

I desire to be part of the First Annual Antiracism Activation Summit in order to educate and provide tools and resources on how to combat racism professionally in the corporate environment.

The Antiracism Activation Summit 2023 Is a Premier Event

Participants will be challenged by speakers to…

Learn more about the work of antiracism activists. You will gain exposure to experts in the antiracism activation space and discover new opportunities for your own antiracism activation work. Become inspired by generational leaders in antiracism activation work, while stepping into your discomfort zone to find the transformational power that exists there. Ultimately, build your legacy of antiracism activation while encouraging others to do the same.