Antiracism Activation Summit 2023

Step Into Your
Discomfort Zone

The truly wondrous thing about stepping into your discomfort zone is that you’re actually stepping into a space where  much needed change can happen. It’s walking through that buffer of fear into a whole new learning zone that feeds personal transformation. So, step in and be amazed at what can unexpectedly emerge from within.


Jan 2023

Tonya McKenzie

Sand & Shores Consulting Firm:

Tonya McKenzie, the founder of Sand & Shores Consulting Firm, is a speaker, master storyteller, and civil servant. As a Los Angeles County Commissioner of Alcohol and other Drugs you can find Tonya at the intersection of communications and leadership.

She helps organizations and businesses elevate their message, increase brand awareness, and build a strong reputation. Tonya is the host of the top-100 leadership podcast, Leaders & Learners, and the co-host of My Morning Coffee Podcast

As a young gun violence survivor, she has dedicated her life to being a youth advocate.


Why I joined the Summit

As a leadership consultant and the first African American to run for office in Redondo Beach, California, I know firsthand that there is still an abundant amount of work still needed to be done. I have been the first or the only person of color in the room more than I care to admit. I want to be a part of this summit to empower the audience with concepts to fight racism while promoting personal branding strategies to elevate our stories and our capabilities.

Melissa Rowe

Harmony and Balance Solutions:

Melissa Rowe is a two-time bestselling author, international facilitator, diversity, and equity specialist. She delivers highly engaging coaching and training services to a diverse clientele. Her greatest passion is working with Black business and professional women to explore their greatness and reclaim their personal power. She is a transformation, life, and anger solutions coach with a master’s degree in social work. 


Why I Joined the Summit

Anti-racism is a commitment and an outcome, not an award. We cannot have truly anti-racist institutions and organizations until we have a truly anti-racist world. That is reward enough to do this work.

Mavis Bauman

SEED a Better Life:

Mavis Bauman’s desire to build understanding across all kinds of people, cultures, and lines of difference has powered her passion since her early 20’s.

Mavis graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, then entered a master’s program at The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy in Medford, MA. After graduate school, she served as a writer and fundraiser with the United Nations Association in Washington, D.C. After eight years in compliance Mavis left corporate life to build a writing and photography business.

Mavis is the president of SEED A Better Life, a non-profit supplier of food, medical care, and tuition for orphans and vulnerable children and young adults in Rwanda, Africa. She was struck with a passion for Rwandan genocide survivors during her first visit there in 2008.


Why I joined the Summit

Serving as a Summit Speaker flowed quite easily out my commitment to InflexionPoint Podcast with Anita Russell and Gail Hunter. I am learning how to step into my own discomfort zone in the process.

The Antiracism Activation Summit 2023 Is a Premier Event

Participants will be challenged by speakers to…

Learn more about the work of antiracism activists. You will gain exposure to experts in the antiracism activation space and discover new opportunities for your own antiracism activation work. Become inspired by generational leaders in antiracism activation work, while stepping into your discomfort zone to find the transformational power that exists there. Ultimately, build your legacy of antiracism activation while encouraging others to do the same.