Antiracism Activation Summit 2023

Connecting people across racial, social, economic, and geographical lines is paramount to sustaining the work of Antiracism Activation. Igniting a sense of community through courage, conversation, relationship, and accountability is the backbone of the Summit. Grassroots movement is the key to our success.


Jan 2023

Freddy Jackson

Love No Ego:

I am a professional speaker, mentor, personal trainer, educator, author, and founder of The Love No Ego Foundation. I help individuals and teams perform at optimal levels personally and professionally by providing a remarkable and grounding message, its associated pillars and principles, along with strategies that takes them beyond the egotistical world. My Love…No Ego philosophy serves as the foundation for pushing the human spirit into greatness. I help clients to remove biases, fear, and judgement, while simultaneously igniting their intuition to produce monumental results! I deliver powerful, engaging, and relevant presentations, mentors, consults, and conduct workshops for individuals, teams, and organizations around the world.


Why I Joined the Summit 

I joined the Summit to share I message that I believe will help us all be our best selves and get the best and most out of this human experience. I hope to make an impact through enabling and leading others to positive behavioral change, including advocating for antiracism behaviors and actions.

Lyreshia Bonds

Bonds Consulting:

I have a BA in Criminal Justice. I worked as a Probation Officer for nine years. After experiencing institutional racism first hand, I filed a federal lawsuit against the NJ Judiciary. In 2021, I founded Bonds Consulting. A consulting firm that will utilize all my training and experience to educate, advocate and motivate society towards social justice. My goal is to inspire people to reach their goals, while telling my story of overcoming.


Why I Joined the Summit 

My goal is to educate people on how to fight institutional racism from within the organization and to have my story inspire others to fight for justice whenever and where they see it.

Carol Muleta

The Parenting 411:

I deliver ‘information parents need from sources they can trust®’, so they have a vision and tools to connect confidently with their children and teach them skills for life, and to discover the JOY in their parenting journey. 
On Parenting 411, it is my mission to tune in not only to what’s on the minds of parents and caregivers today, but to look ahead and bring them valuable information they had no idea they needed.  We do the research, we find the experts, and we test/validate/analyze.  Only then do we deliver it for the thoughtful consideration of our listeners.  Quite simply, it must be ‘news you can use’. 

Why I Joined the Summit 
I want to convey the importance of initiating conversations about race with our children and equipping them to navigate in diverse settings with courage, competence, compassion, and commonsense.

The Antiracism Activation Summit 2023 Is a Premier Event

Participants will be challenged by speakers to…

Learn more about the work of antiracism activists. You will gain exposure to experts in the antiracism activation space and discover new opportunities for your own antiracism activation work. Become inspired by generational leaders in antiracism activation work, while stepping into your discomfort zone to find the transformational power that exists there. Ultimately, build your legacy of antiracism activation while encouraging others to do the same.