Antiracism Activation Summit 2023

The Holistic Approach

Taking a holistic approach to living is a departure from dissecting your identity into categories based on race, gender, age, economics, or politics. It’s having a keen sense of who you are in the wholeness of being human. It’s knowing who you are in mind, body, and spirit while learning to live your best life accordingly. It’s knowing the past to inform the present and empower the future.


Jan 2023

Cassandra Hill

Holistic Living Consulting:

Cassandra Hill is a Holistic Wellness Influencer, Life Coach, Best-Selling Author, and Speaker. After overcoming systemic lupus with a regimen she developed; Cassandra birthed Holistic Living Consulting.
Her mission is to transform the health of black women by renewing their mind, body, and soul utilizing an all-natural approach.  She strives to revolutionize self-care by educating women to embrace holistic methods — enhancing their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Why I Joined the Summit
The health disparities that exist in the African American have been occurring for many years. It’s my mission to educate our community on being proactive regarding the health and become more aware of dis-eases that are plaguing are community.

Gail Hunter

OMA Center for Mind Body Spirit:

Gail Hunter, LCSW, BCD,LLC is committed to providing a holistic approach for the wellness of self, family, and community. She has been in private practice as a psychotherapist in the Pittsburgh area since 1979. As a holistic practitioner, she has always believed in everyone’s inner capacity to heal into life; to remember the ‘truth’ of who we are; and to remember we all come from the greatest source of Love.
Gail is the Founder/President of the OMA Center for Mind, Body, and Spirit, an organization committed to providing holistic approach for the wellness of self, family, and community. 

Why I Joined the Summit
The Summit is an evolution of InflexionPoint which I host with Anita Russell and Mavis Bauman. Racism is a disruptor of health and wellness and holistic approaches are necessary to eradicate its presence and impact.

Michael Williams

Back to the Beginning:

Michael Williams is an adoptee who has been in reunion for more than 25 years. He is a genetic genealogist who teaches genetic genealogy literacy and DNA testing strategies to help ancestry seekers connect to their ancestral past. .
His passion is to curate genetic genealogical journey as it pertains to the historical intersections between family migration patterns and historical events throughout the Antebellum and Post-Bellum Eras in American History.   
Michael is also an international teaching storyteller, professional speaker, genetic genealogy consultant, and a self-published author of the award-winning adoption, search and reunion memoir Native Womb: Going Back To the Beginning.

Why I Joined the Summit
I present the argument that genetic genealogy is a tool to confront our blended American ancestral history and augment the notion that we can come to the table as American kinfolk whose shared ancestry can be traced back to the legacy American Slavery.  

The Antiracism Activation Summit 2023 Is a Premier Event

Participants will be challenged by speakers to…

Learn more about the work of antiracism activists. You will gain exposure to experts in the antiracism activation space and discover new opportunities for your own antiracism activation work. Become inspired by generational leaders in antiracism activation work, while stepping into your discomfort zone to find the transformational power that exists there. Ultimately, build your legacy of antiracism activation while encouraging others to do the same.