#QuickQuote Synopsis

#LaneyBookProject This book is a testament to the presence of God in my life, over the entire course of my life—growing, developing and maturing from a little girl to an adolescent, to a young adult, to a grown woman, and finally to the liberated woman I believe I am today. With liberation comes freedom and, … Continue reading #QuickQuote Synopsis

#QuickQuote – 2016 Dec 5

Laney Book Project "She did not want to go past him alone in that hallway and she couldn’t leave because it was late and she needed to be in the house. So the words starting in her mind, finally reached her mouth and she screamed out, “Mommy, Mommy”, so her mother would know she was … Continue reading #QuickQuote – 2016 Dec 5

#QuickQuote – 2016 Nov 20

Laney Book Project "Did you know that soft voice whispering inside of you, saying you're supposed to be doing something else, is the seed of a dream, waiting to be nurtured and fulfilled?" —Anita D Russell  

#QuickQuote – 2016 Dec 02

Laney Book Project "For Little Girl this was a time of quiet, tremendously deep learning about the world and people—in the midst of it all, her character and, subsequently, a new personhood was being molded and developed. She was spending less and less time in the dark space beneath the spiral staircase and feeling more … Continue reading #QuickQuote – 2016 Dec 02

#QuickQuote – 2016 Nov 21

Laney Book Project "The air was nauseatingly thick with the smell of smoke. And once again Little Girl's mind was shrouded in sadness as the black space beneath the spiral staircase became her home once again." —Anita D Russell

#QuickQuote – 2016 Nov 30

Laney Book Project "Children have a funny way of associating life events with what they assumed to be concrete truths about life, things that often pave the way for specific behaviors that follow them into adulthood. Little Girl formed the idea in her mind that leaving small children at home alone would always result in … Continue reading #QuickQuote – 2016 Nov 30

Marcia Dartt Taraschi

  SOAR Values Life Transitions Continuous Improvement Marcia Taraschi is a certified Holistic Health Coach and dōTERRA Wellness Advocate.  She helps individuals and families achieve their health goals by supporting them in making nutrition and lifestyle changes. She also teaches them how to replace products in their home with natural products that will help and … Continue reading Marcia Dartt Taraschi

Miss Starlite Galaxy Pageant Queens

SOAR Values Vision and Purpose Topanga Harmony, who appeared in an earlier episode of The Place to SOAR,  is the owner and CEO of Miss Starlite Galaxy Pageants. The Miss Starlite Galaxy is a pageant system that provides cash and educational scholarship to young woman, ages 10-29. This episode featured the following Miss Starlite Galaxy Queens. … Continue reading Miss Starlite Galaxy Pageant Queens

Zonya Love Johnson

  SOAR Values Vision and Purpose Zonya Love hails from Durham, North Carolina. She received her B.F.A. in Theatre from North Carolina A&T State University and an M.F.A. from The University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Six months after receiving her M.F.A. Zonya landed the lead role following Fantasia Barrino in the Oprah Winfrey produced musical … Continue reading Zonya Love Johnson

Brian Sienkiewicz

  Woodworking and Surf photography by Jenna Seitz of Epoch Trading Post SOAR Values Community and Family Creativity On the community and family side Brian Sienkiewicz is the Field Coordinator with a non-profit organization called Bridges to Employment a sub division of Alternatives Inc. Brian runs a Career Education and Work Readiness Program that allows high … Continue reading Brian Sienkiewicz