I Wanna See Laney’s House: A Sibling Story

Your walk with God: A daily testimony of faith, trust, and belief? A weekly routine of doctrine, tradition, and customs? Or nonexistent? Every person’s story is a microcosmic enactment of God’s eternal story, a portrayal of His relationship with humanity. Written with a cathartic tone, this sibling story reveals an adventurous testimony to the presence of God over the entire course of a lifetime. It is a testimony of developing faith and struggle for identity, personal acceptance, and self-liberation. With liberation comes freedom, and Anita believes freedom is the absence of fear. The absence of fear in Anita’s life has been a long time coming-taking nearly six decades to abolish the fear that began with childhood trauma and grief.


Trauma | Grief | Triumph

When God shows up, things can change in an instant or over a lifetime. When God showed up for Anita, He refocused her life leading her away from a past life of brokenness and fear to a current life of wholeness and purpose.

EasyRead eBook Series: Cultivating Your Intuition Is Wisdom

Cultivating Your Intuition is Wisdom is eBook #2 in the series.
This EasyRead eBook rests on the belief that intuition is wisdom that is specific to each of us individually and uniquely. Your intuition is different from your neighbor’s. As such, your intuition can guide you to where you should be.

How you view your intuition is a choice.  For me it’s my spiritual connection to God and the revelation of my reason for being on the planet. You may call it a gut feeling or simply wisdom you’ve developed throughout your lifetime. 


Intuition | Wisdom | Purpose

Regardless of how you want to describe it, everyone knows what intuition feels like. You have intuition, but have you been using it? Have you been training it?

EasyRead eBook Series: Passion & Purpose

Passion & Purpose is Book #1 in the series.
This EasyRead eBook Series is designed for self-reflecting, self-coaching individuals. It’s for those who are committed to cultivating change through daily growth and personal development as a lifelong investment.

Self-coaching requires mindful attention to the beliefs, stories, thoughts, opinions, patterns, and habits that govern your life. It is based on self-reflection, personal accountability, and responsibility.


Purpose | Energy | Flow 

Passion is more than dreams of great things and following your bliss. It is energy. Passion requires reserves of energy, replenished as you feed your dreams through ongoing accomplishments. Passion is that feeling of power, drive, energy, and borderline obsession.