Author Monai the Poet: Flawed Human, Loved Soul

Monai the Poet was born in and raised in the Homewood area of Pittsburgh. Poetry has been her hobby, strongest passion and interest since she was eleven years old. At 18, she began performing as a spoken word artist and began writing novels and short stories in addition to her poetry. After a few failed attempts and life-changing situations, her first book, Flawed Human, Loved Soul, was published July 2019. She is also working as an Administrative Assistant at Shady Lane School and a Kitchen Key at Lettuce Eat, LLC, and currently working on her second book.” 

Author Rick Claypool: Leech Girl Lives

Rick Claypool writes weird/absurdist political fiction. He is the author of The Mold Farmer (coming in 2020 from Six Gallery Press) and Leech Girl Lives (Spaceboy Books 2017). He lives in Pittsburgh and works for Public Citizen, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting corporate power. He has worked as a reporter, a home health care worker, an adjunct professor, a first-person history interpreter and a grassroots organizer. For more information about Rick visit

Author Kyoshi John Morgan Hamilton: Participation

Kyoshi John Morgan Hamilton is a Cleveland, Ohio native, who was labeled as Educationally Mentally Retarded at a young age. He has never let that stop him from achieving his goals. He is a 22 year retired war veteran, with countless awards and models, and motivational speaker. He is also a 3rd generation of USA Goju Ryu karate from America’s first 10th degree black belt (Peter G. Urban). The creator, designer, and inventor of the “Double Light Sculpture (Monument & Memorial Set) park project. He published his first manuscript the year he retired from the military in 2010. He is certainly working on 7 other manuscripts. Learn more about Kyoshi John Morgan Hamilton at

Author Lynn S Manley: Inspired to Conquer

Lynn has written two books, her first one titled, Through the Fire but Not Burnt, and the second titled, Inspired to Conquer. She does freelance writing for newspapers, bulletins, magazines, and companies. Lynn studied at Light University, the Extraordinary Women program, which she applies to her workshops and speaking engagements. Lynn believes that it is so important that women know how valuable they are. She was on the 700 Club and does local talk shows. Her sole purpose for writing is to encourage and provoke change. Lynn is currently working on her third book.

I Wanna See Laney’s House

. . . Anita’s writing style drew me in and made me feel like I was experiencing the events of her childhood along with her. I found it difficult to put the book down . . . I recommend this book to anyone searching for meaning in their life or who just wants to read a biography about someone growing up in the Pittsburgh area.” —Amazon Reviewer


Writing this book meant digging deep into my core to get to know myself as I journeyed towards self-liberation. Writing this book became the testimony of a struggle for mental wellness in personal identity, self-acceptance, and connectedness. With liberation came freedom from guilt, depression and fear. Along the way I strengthened my faith, trust and belief in God.
Anita D Russell, Author

“In reading I Wanna See Laney’s House, I realized that after nearly 25 years of friendship, I didn’t know Anita Russell at all. The blessing, however, is that it’s given me the opportunity to become acquainted with my friend in a whole new way.” —Rev. Samuel K. Atchison, Non-Resident Senior Fellow, University of Pennsylvania; and former columnist, Religion News Service

6 Keys to Nurture, Grow and Empower Your Life

SOAR On-PAR Toolkit Workbook & Journal
Based on Personal Accountability and Responsibility

Are you On-PAR to cultivate and nurture your vision and purpose while taking action to live your best life in spite of the storms you encounter? And the storms will come…

The SOAR On-PAR Toolkit Workbook and Journal is about you. The toolkit is a means to apply 6 Keys to Nurture, Grow and Empower Your Life. It’s about asking specifc, introspective questions to determine how you manage your gift of life. It is an introduction to the idea of your willingness to hold yourself personally accountable and responsible for the actions you take to live your best life. I describe this as being “On-PAR”.

Podcast: 6 Keys to Nurture, Grow and Empower Your Life
1. Know Yourself
2. Nurture Your Life
3. Integrate Your Life
4. Connect with Others
5. Live Intentionally
6. Seize Opportunity
Putting It All Together

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QuickQuote #1 – My Inner Life


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“I draw you into my journey from the dynamics of an inner life strife with conflict and turmoil to the dynamics of an inner life of peace and contentment with myself and with God. Sometimes the words roar across the page like the sound of a mighty river; other times they flow like the sound of a babbling brook. Sometimes the words flow forward in time and sometimes backward. Hoping my words will touch your heart, I leave you with these words from a person who has influenced my life from afar, the late and great Maya Angelou: “The idea is to write so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.”
Anita D Russell

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QuickQuote #3 – Letter to My Father


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When I got connected to Nanny and met her for the first time at the Greyhound bus station in Philadelphia, the first words she spoke to me seeped deeply into my soul and took root: You look just like your father. Getting to know Nanny and listening to her tell stories about you enabled me to get to know you, at least vicariously. It was then I learned that your nickname was Butch. I suppose I’ll never fully understand why you never contacted me, even before you left for good or after you knew I lived near Nanny. (I always knew when you were at that hotel.) But it’s okay; it was a long time ago, and I’m sure you had your reasons. An equally long time ago I wondered if there would come a day when I would forget all about you; that day never came. 
Anita D Russell

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QuickQuote #4 – Scary Tenant


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“One night, when she turned the key in the lock and opened the door, there he was, lying right across the stairs, blocking her ascension. He was drunk, speaking inaudibly, and most peculiarly, there was a shiny penny sticking out of one ear. She stopped breathing, stood motionless, and initially could not speak, her heart racing in her chest. She did not want to go past him alone in that hallway and she couldn’t leave because it was late and she needed to be in the house. So the words starting in her mind, finally reached her mouth and she screamed out, “Mommy, Mommy”, so her mother would know she was at the bottom of the stairs. Her mother opened the apartment door and came out into the hallway to see what was going on. Seeing Scary Tenant lying on the stairs, her mom told her to hurry and get up the stairs. As she bolted up the stairs, she prayed again—Please do not let him touch me.” —Anita D Russell