From Surviving to Thriving: Part 2

OMA Pittsburgh Special Event

It is such an honor and a blessing to be a part of this series of events leading up to a Trauma Symposium in the fall of 2019.

“From Surviving to Thriving” is half-day workshop focused on youth, where parents, educators, counselors, health practitioners and more can join in collaborative learning sessions for supporting the healthy development of our young people.

Space is limited. Kindly register in advance no later than Wednesday, August 1st.

Winchester Thurston Upper School Building
455 Morewood Avenue Pittsburgh PA 15213

455 Morewood Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15213

SOAR Workshop — Positive Self-Image: Are You Up to PAR?

As one of the workshop leaders, I will guide the audience in a discussion of the importance of positive self-image in youth. Specifically, we will examine positive self-image through the lens of bullying behavior and personal accountability and responsibility (PAR). We will discuss the need for leadership, influence and connection in bullying intervention and prevention.

Did you know that…

  • 70% of teens do not have a positive self-image
  • Peers play varying roles in the bully experience
  • Bullying is a public heath concern

PAR: Personal Accountability and Responsibility
Bullying is Everybody’s Business
Leadership | Influence | Connection

Take Action Today: Working with Stakeholders
User Guides are available to broaden the understanding of various roles such as community leaders, faith leaders, educators, administrators, parents. etc. Guides are available for 11 different audiences

Sample Guide – Understanding the Roles of School Administrators in Community-Wide Bullying Prevention Efforts

The workshop is a part of a SOAR Coaching Academy Series focused on positive self-image and personal accountability and responsibility, examined through multiple lenses —bullying, racism and mental health.


Mental Health First Aid Training Pittsburgh

Greetings!   My name is Anita D Russell. I’m the founder of SOAR Coaching Academy of Pittsburgh. I am looking for a cohort of individuals to complete Mental Health First Aid Training in the city of Pittsburgh. 

Working with Steel Smiling Pittsburgh founder, Julius Boatwright, I am searching for a group of 25 individuals who (1) believe there is a need for greater public mental health awareness, (2) agree that myths and stigmas associated with mental health need to be busted and (3) are willing to contribute to improving mental health knowledge and skills for first responders. This is a profound need and we have the tools to provide the right knowledge and skills.   

By the way, Mental Health First Aid Training offers sessions focused on youth and adults.

YES, I want to take the Mental Health First AID Training to serve the community!