Stacy Heading


EEJ Ministries SEED Male Mentoring Program


The director of the SEED Male Mentoring Program, Stacy Heading, was raised in Trenton, NJ and attended Trenton Public Schools. Stacy is the Program Director of EEJ Ministries SEED (Servant Endeavoring to Empower and Develop) Male Mentoring Program.” The SEED Male Mentoring Program has been featured often in the Trenton Times and Trentonian.


Stacy designs unique workshops to aid in the self development of today’s youth. He is employed full time at Isles YouthBuild Institute, where he is the Evening Program Life Skills Coordinator. Stacy is known in the community as a true humanitarian always encouraging and rallying the youth to give back to their community.


Meshagae Hunte-Brown and Franklin Ellis


Dr Meshagae Hunte-Brown, University Professor
Franklin Ellis, Student of Life and Extreme Sports Enthusiast

Meshagae Hunte-Brown, PhD, Biology Professor  is a Jamaican National. She completed her undergraduate and Master of Philosophy degree in Jamaica before moving to the US and ultimately becoming a PhD student at Drexel University. As a student at Drexel, she worked with Sue Kilham on Stream Foodwebs in Panama using Stable Isotopes. Mesha has always seen herself as a teacher and spent much of her academic career as a student narrowing down the level of education that she wanted  to contribute to. She currently teaches large introductory level non-major courses in as well as open enrollment Environmental Science courses and enjoys engaging the minds of the student who has had limited exposure to the field of Biology.

Franklin Ellis, Student of Life and Extreme Sports is a contemplative young man, a choreographer and student at mastering the art of living. He love for travel aligns well with his enthusiasm of extreme sports. He’s been known to sky dive, snowboard and mountain bike . He has a counter-culture mindset that makes him extraordinarily engaging.

Mesha and Franklin are both member of a private travel club. For details visit


Leontine Osuagwu


Founder and CEO of Liberating TAMAR Inc

Leontine Asuagwu

Leontine speaks about Liberating Tamar Inc (Trusting God, Accepting Myself And Rising):
I birthed this ministry out of my own struggles with rejection, low self-esteem, anger and self-hatred after being sexually and emotionally abused. My heart was filled with anger, insecurity, rejection and feelings of worthlessness which led to depression and an overwhelming and an unhealthy desire to please everyone around me. These emotional issues were threatening to destroy my relationships, my career and my health and my destiny but God revealed himself to me as a deliverer, a healer, a counselor and a comforter.

I am delighted to share my story of victory with women around the world. The name Liberating Tamar” is inspired by the story of Tamar in the bible in 2 Samuel Chapter 13. Tamar was King David’s daughter. David was the second king of Israel. King David had eight wives and multiple concubines (book of chronicles). He had 19 sons and Tamar was his only daughter.

Carmella Carter


I Am Grace 

Carmella Carter is more than just a motivational speaker and life coach; she is also the founder of her own company, “I Am Grace.” Carmella had a childhood unlike many others. Growing up in Trenton, NJ she was accustomed to seeing sex, drugs, and violence daily and unfortunately became a product of her environment. She became a mother at the tender age of 16 and had to face more difficulties than what she was prepared to handle. Teen parenting was a weight on Carmella’s shoulders that forced her to grow up overnight.

Without any direction from her parents, she dropped out of high school in the 11th grade so that she could raise her child as a full time mother. Carmella ran into numerous roadblocks while trying to find housing, substantial finances, childcare, and education but made it a priority to provide the best possible life for her and her son during the time. Her primary goal now is to help teens and young parents understand the importance of family values and how to ensure a determined, committed and successful lifestyle.

2015 Season 1


an awesome First season!


Pastor Gerald “Ambassador” Truehart II, BA

Barbara Brown Harvey, Caregiver and Senior Advocacy Expert

Cherylle McFarland, RN, Reiki Master, CPC

Jessica Leitchweisz, Co-founder Changing Minds Online

Carmella Carter, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach

Leontine Osuagwu, Founder/CEO Liberating TAMAR Inc

Meshagae Hunte-Brown, PhD, Biology Professor

Franklin Ellis, Student of Life and Extreme Traveler

Stacy Heading, Program Director of EEJ Ministries

Topanga Harmongy and Mary Brown – Service to the Community

Sharel E Gordon Love, Author

Tynnetta Howard, Howard’s Healthy Choices


Jessica Leitchweisz


Co-founder of Changing Minds Online

Jessica Leichtweisz is the co-founder and owner of the successful podcast and women’s empowerment company Changing Minds Online. Jessica’s vision for the world is that all women are empowered and inspired to create the life of their dreams by finding and living into their purpose.

A fun fact is Jessica is running 30 marathons this year in honor of turning 30. Jessica is also the CEO and owner of Toxic to Exotic through which she provides health and wellness coaching. She is passionate about helping people experience life in their ideal bodies.


Cherylle McFarland


RN, Reiki Master, Certified Professional Coach

Cherylle McFarland



Enthusiastic about bridging the gap between traditional and holistic medicine, Cherylle is an experienced RN, Healthcare Administrator, Reiki Master and Certified Life Coach. She had provided expert, compassionate and quality nursing care in many clinical areas, such as Hospitals, Community Care (Chronically ill/Physically Disabled) , Foster Care, Mental Health and for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.


Passionate about advocacy and empowerment, Cherylle integrates energy healing and wellness coaching enabling clients to experience emotional, physical and mental balance. She works collaboratively with her clients to develop strategies which will empower them to make informed and desired life, health and wellness decisions for themselves or loved ones.  She is also the founder of TNT Reiki in NYC.

Barbara Brown Harvey


Caregiver and Senior Advocacy Expert

Barbara is the founder of the Caregivers & Senior Advocacy Program.  She conducts Workshops, Conferences, Presentations and Training on various topics related to seniors and caregiving. Barbara is the Host of the Caregiver’s Café Internet Radio show of Empowerment to Refresh & Refuel your Soul at

Barbara is the mother of four adult children, and a grandmother of seven grandchildren. After a failed marriage, she raised her children as a single mother. She has been a caregiver for her father; she also played a role in caring for her brother and sister.  She is currently the primary caregiver for her mother. Her philosophy in life is that she will continue to be inspired to grow in Christ, and to inspire others.  She is not where she needs to be, but she is not where she used to be and is not where God is taking her.

Guest List: Pastor Gerald Truehart

Pastor Gerald Truehart

Pastor Gerald Truehart is the founder of The Lion of Judah Studio, located at 415 West State Street, Suite 200 Trenton, NJ.  He is an anointed, radical, revolutionary, innovative, cutting  edge teacher, proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom of God on earth. He is the producer of the weekly ministry broadcast, “A Light Unto the Nations” Ministry Radio Broadcast on WIMG 1300 AM.  His radio broadcast airs every Thursday at 7:05PM on WIMG 1300 AM.

Pastor  Truehart believes that the People of God are God’s Light to the World. He also services on the Trenton Board/School Development Authority Committee overseeing the Construction of the New Trenton Central High School on Chambers Street in the City of Trenton. He is a graduate of Morehouse College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and Princeton Theological Seminary with a Certificate in Theology & Ministry. He is currently pursing his Masters Degree in Theology.


Guest List: Topanga Harmony and Mary E Brown


Topanga Harmony, Dancer and Performing Arts Educator, Founder/CEO, Miss Starlite Galaxy Pageant

Topanga Harmony is a Trenton, New Jersey naive. She is a classically trained dancer and a performing arts educator for over 20 years. Harmony is the Founder and President of the Starlite Galaxy Foundation, which is a non profit for community service, life skills, pageantry and performing arts education. Topanga is a former Miss Black New Jersey US and Ms. New Jersey Dreamgirls USA. In 2015 Topanga announced the launch of the Miss Starlite Galaxy Pageant System, which she serves as CEO and Creative director.

Mary E Brown, Autism Awareness and Radio Show Host

Topanga is featured here with her mother Mary E Brown, a lovely spirit-filled woman with a warm, inspiring sense of humor. Mary had a passion for helping others with mental disabilities which led her to devote many years of service to Autism Awareness and to create A Coat of Many Colors a non-profit organization. Its mission is to promote positive awareness, change and independence to those living with Autism. Before her passing in January 2016, Mary also served with her daughter co-hosting the iWeUMedia Inspirational Wake Up on Hamilton