SOAR TV NJE | Ep2.19

Elder Lias Paris-Adkins
“Mandated to Feed, Empower and Restore”

Featuring Elder Lisa Paris-Adkins

This episode features Philadelphia’s own Elder Lisa Paris-Adkins, Founder of the Soul Food Cafe’, a Bible study with locations in the independent living seniors community. Elder Lisa is also the Founder of Yes. . . I Do, an empowerment and mentoring program mandated to provide spiritual transformation, maturation and deliverance from life altering identity crisis. The SOAR values she selected: Faith, trust and belief. Life transitions.

SOAR TV NJE | Ep1.19

Minister Gerald Truehart, II
“Come, Hear, Believe and Experience God’s Kingdom Authority”

Minister Gerald L. Truehart, II is the founder of Gerald Truehart Ministries, “A Light Unto The Nations” (Isaiah 49:6), and the Lion of Judah Studio located at 415 West State Street in the Capital City of Trenton, NJ. Minister Truehart is called to rejuvenate the people of God’s faith, encouraging them to be zealous for Messiah, ambassadorship, obedience and faithfulness to the whole Word of God. He is engaging the people of God in the Word, equipping them with the armor; empowering them through the Holy Spirit; and encouraging them with the unconditional love of God. Minister Truehart believes: “The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.” —Dr. Myles Munroe