Devotional Psalm 68:5

Devotional Psalm 68:5

Father to the Fatherless

The entire Book of Psalms was omitted from The Slave Bible.

The word “father” can evoke a wide range of emotions in each of us. Maybe we smile when we hear the word because it brings up wonderful memories of our own fathers. Or perhaps our hearts feel torn, because we miss our fathers, or we’re grieving the loss of a relationship that never met our expectations.

Whether we had an engaged, caring, and dependable father or a distant, neglectful, and mean one, we have a Heavenly Father who cares deeply for us and is always near. He sent His Son to earth to rob our brokenness and replace it with a hope-filled eternity.

And the best news is: we don’t have to fear being separated from Him. There is no death, fear of the future, or anything else that can separate us from our Everlasting Father. He existed before time began, and He exists without the assistance of anyone. He draws near to us because He loves us. And His love isn’t something we can earn—it’s a free gift from Him that He longs for us to accept.

He sufficiently sets the bar for any earthly father to strive for. And He cares for us in a tender, fatherly way. We may not know what lies ahead, but we can trust Him fully. He’s worthy of it.

Lean back and rest in your Heavenly Father’s comfortable arms. Spend time talking to Him and listen for His guidance as you bring Him the concerns and joys on your heart.

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