From Surviving to Thriving

The Place to SOAR  recently participated in a half-day workshop focused on youth, where parents, educators and mentors came together to learn holistic skills for the healthy development of our young people–in mind, body, and spirit.

SOAR Coaching Academy Workshop
Positive Self-Image: Are You Up to PAR?
In this workshop we examined the importance of positive self-image in youth through the lens of bullying behavior and personal accountability and responsibility (PAR).

Did you know?
1) 70% of teens do not have a positive self-image
2) Peers play varying roles in the bully experience
3) Bullying is everybody’s business

PAR: Personal Accountability and Responsibility
Bullying is Everybody’s Business
Leadership | Influence | Connection

Take Action Today
User Guides are available to broaden the understanding of various roles such as community leaders, faith leaders, educators, administrators, parents. etc. Guides are available for 11 different audiences

Sample Guide – Understanding the Roles of School Administrators in Community-Wide Bullying Prevention Efforts

This Road Map helped to guide our discussion.


Do you know about the KnowBullying Prevention App?
Read about it…learn how you can help.

Everyday Leadership

“A leader is great, not because of his or her power, but because of his or her ability to empower others.”

Can you spot Everyday Leadership in this short film? How do you practice Everyday Leadership? Share in the comments below.

Read “7 Ways To Be An Everyday Leader”

What in the world is a “lollipop” moment?  Ask Drew Dudley…
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#QuickPost – Mr Pie Man

Laney Book Project

“Mr. Pie Man, deemed the Oldest Man in Homestead, owned a small store right on Dixon Street. Mr Pie Man just may have been the one to teach sailors how to cuss because it didn’t matter if he was talking to an adult or a kid, they would eventually get cussed out. He was also know for having an uncanny ability to throw bricks around the corner—though admittedly, Nita never actually saw this feat.” —Anita D Russell

Storytelling in Grassroots Voices

Local Author Book Signing at Barnes & Noble at the Waterfront in Homestead. What a wonderful event it was!

I love stories written by “regular people” in their grassroots voices. I met such a group recently at the B&N book store in Homestead Pa—5 local, self-published authors sharing a bit of themselves through the written word. Best of all, I have my name on the list for a future event!


Studio AM Homestead

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5-7 PM saturday may 5
studio am | 225 e 8th ave homestead

My second book, Empower Your Life, was a huge launch success and made the Amazon #1 Bestseller. And now I’m onto the next phase…a series of Conversational Book Signings! The first one was held in my hometown of Homestead, right near the Waterfront.

I chose Studio AM as the venue because I absolutely love the atmosphere there as an artist haven, an art gallery and culinary artistry that is simply magnificent! And because it is a gem right in my hometown of Homestead. Check out Studio AM welcome video…

GYI: Life Up! Lead & Empower Workshop

“To CHANGE is to choose His anointing to nurture, grow and empower.”
— Anita D Russell


3 Dynamic John Maxwell Coaches are coming together to host the First Global Youth Initiative event in Homestead PA!

GYI: Life Up! Lead & Empower Workshop Facilitators

♦ Anita D Russell, The Place to SOAR Founder/CEO
♦ Susan Evans, The Place to SOAR Partner
♦ Juane Tyler, Tyler Consulting & Associates Founder/CEO

“We are partnering together to equip, inspire and empower youth to be the leaders they were created to be.” 


Community Center at the Homestead Senior Hi-rise
441 East 8th Avenue Homestead PA 15120

April 28, 2018
Kids Workshop 11 AM – 12:30 PM
Teen Workshop 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM


Introductory Video
Featuring Nick Vujicic, YouthMax Ambassador

Spoken Word
Featuring spoken word artist, Devantae Butler, author of  Mindset: A Guide to Reaching Your Full Potential

Theme Song
Unity in the Community composed by Jeff Russell


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Learn more about the John Maxwell Global Youth Initiative at

The Place to SOAR BIG Events
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Empower Your Life Summit Replay

These women share their souls, and provide strategies, tips, and practical advice based on their own journey of empowerment. You will learn how they changed their mindset, adjusted their habits, and alchemized their ways of being and how they experienced and manifested shifts in their emotional state, psyche, relationships, body, and spirit.

The Empower Your Life Summit is here for you!
You’re going to love what you learn!

Our Guests for these Interviews are the
Amazing Authors Anthology Book titled

Empower Your Life.

Hear all summit sessions.

Empower Your Life: Sojourner of Truth


Wow, It’s almost here! Launch Day for the inspirational, no-nonsense, take-action new book, Empower Your Life. Have you registered for the Summit? Or the Bonus Gifts with purchase? Join us on March 20 as the co-authors add to the history of life by sharing our stories. Get ready to learn, discover and grow into your empowered self! #EmpowerYourLife

All the details you need are right here at Empower Your Life Book!
My Chapter of the book is “Sojourner of Truth”.
Visit My Amazon Author Page to purchase you copy and receive your Bonus Gifts!

Liberating Tamar Event: A Communication Intensive

Show your face in the place on March 24!

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Empower Your Life!

Something new is happening as I continue my journey to SOAR!


March 20 is the launch of my new book, Empower Your Life, an anthology of 24 incredible co-authors. We are women who have navigated our way through significant, sometimes life-changing transformation. We have stumbled along the way, then decided to face our demons and challenges with humor, grace, and conscious intention. We choose to share our stories to ease your personal journey and to provide motivation, guidance, and inspiration so you can make the empowering changes you envision for your own life.

So, here’s the truth about empowerment:

  • It is not an elusive concept.
  • It is not bestowed upon a select few.
  • It belongs to the co-authors of this book just as it belongs to YOU.
  • YOU are worthy, deserving of great good and the power to SOAR!

want a sneak peak into the wisdom of Empower Your Life?

Download the companion FREE eBook, Tips for Everyday Empowerment, and receive a compilation of mindful and meaningful tips, thoughts, and exercises intended to enhance your own moment-to-moment life experience.

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