Call for Pittsburgh Authors

Author Talk Session & Book Signing

You are cordially invited to participate in the Summer Write Source Literary Event hosted by Anita D Russell, author of 
I Wanna See Laney’s House, and founder of The Place to SOAR.

Space is limited so please submit your form TODAY!

In addition to vending and book signing, authors will participate in a panel discussion on the topic of “Building Community Through Literary Arts”.

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Author Yasmin S Brown

#ReadEveryday to #GrowEveryday

Another awesome author participating in the Author Talk Session & Book Signing is Yasmin S Brown. Yasmin firmly believes that literary art is a great way to find self-help, steps to healing, escape, and education; all to strengthen the mind and break barriers in a community. She’s about creating unity, support, and growth for diversity within one’s neighborhood and beyond. Another great reason to attend this amazing event!

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Open up and share your truth.

Literary Artist Monai the Poet

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Literary artist, Monai the Poet, speaks from the heart with a powerful gift of expression. Join Monai and the other authors for a provocative discussion of building community through literary arts. Monai began her journey of artistic expression with writing, starting at the age of 11. Her first poem was about the rain. Being a pure admirer of nature, it often inspires her creativity.

I know you can love me in my peace.
But can you love me in my chaos?

Author Lynn S Manley

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Guess who is coming to the Author Talk Session & Book Signing? None other than Lynn Manley, author of “Inspired to Conquer”. She is the perfect person to discuss building community through literary arts. Author spots are still open.

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No Judgement Just Encouragement

Dress for Success

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Dress for Success is hands down one of my favorite nonprofits organizations. I volunteer with them for two main reasons: (1) The organization helped me at a low point in my life several years back and (2) it adds fuel to my passion of building community, inspiring change and giving back. Can’t wait for my first ride on the mobile boutique!

Dress for Success Pittsburgh Location

Women Speakers Association Premier Membership Special

I just learned about this must-see July special and wanted to share. Since I announced the September 10, 2019 release of the book I co-authored, The Voices of the 21st Century, I have had many inquiries. This amazing and life changing opportunity presented itself to me through my membership with WSA (Women Speakers Association) and they are holding their annual special (this only happens in July of each year). Not only is it an amazing opportunity – there is also a 30-day money back guarantee. Please reach out if I can answer any questions. Below are the details and link.

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What’s ONLY $99 and comes with 20 rich, career-boosting benefits? It’s the Women Speakers Association Premier Membership! Grow your visibility, land more speaking gigs, boost your credibility, sell more products and services, and connect with an inspiring, empowered group of women who are fulfilling their missions worldwide.

teen Mental Health First Aid

I became a Mental Health First Aid instructor because I understand the struggle with mental health. As a teen I suffered from the pangs of guilt resulting from childhood trauma, which led to bouts of depression, suicidal thoughts and self-injury. I received the certification to deliver the adult curriculum. I hope to receive the certification for Teen Mental Health instructor as well!


Lady Gaga Announces teen Mental Health First Aid Pilot Program Will Expand to 20 Additional High Schools

I Wanna See Laney’s House

. . . Anita’s writing style drew me in and made me feel like I was experiencing the events of her childhood along with her. I found it difficult to put the book down . . . I recommend this book to anyone searching for meaning in their life or who just wants to read a biography about someone growing up in the Pittsburgh area.” —Amazon Reviewer


Writing this book meant digging deep into my core to get to know myself as I journeyed towards self-liberation. Writing this book became the testimony of a struggle for mental wellness in personal identity, self-acceptance, and connectedness. With liberation came freedom from guilt, depression and fear. Along the way I strengthened my faith, trust and belief in God.
Anita D Russell, Author

“In reading I Wanna See Laney’s House, I realized that after nearly 25 years of friendship, I didn’t know Anita Russell at all. The blessing, however, is that it’s given me the opportunity to become acquainted with my friend in a whole new way.” —Rev. Samuel K. Atchison, Non-Resident Senior Fellow, University of Pennsylvania; and former columnist, Religion News Service

Surviving to Thriving

Surviving to Thriving professional development seminars are free and open to the public. Our vision is for Pittsburgh to become a model for best practices in social & emotional learning and in trauma informed care & resilience. 

On June 15 Anita D Russell, creator of SOAR Coaching Academy, will be speaking at the OMA Pittsburgh Surviving to Thriving, Bridging the Gaps: Working Together to Support Holistic Wellness Throughout Pittsburgh.

She will speak on the topic of Mental Health First Aid and what’s in it for us as a society to change the paradigm of how we view mental health and wellness. Anita is a Mental Health First Aid instructor, receiving the certification through the Allegheny Health Choices Inc.

June 15 | 10 AM – 3 PM
Winchester Thurston Upper School Building