Book Release Testimonials: Cultivating Change from the Inside Out

Book Release Testimonials: Cultivating Change from the Inside Out

What’s on your bookshelf?


Grab the newest book by Anita D Russell, life coach and international bestselling author. A no-frills book on a heavy topic, just the thing to add to your bookshelf.

Kindle Edition $7.99

Discover what early readers have to say…

Lisa Hannigan

Virtual Engagement Specialist

“This is a peak moment, I believe, and a very great moment for you to be writing this book.”

Jane Parmel

Chief “Change it Up” Officer
Resilience & Profitability Coach

“I feel like I was looking into your soul as you were writing it.”

Irma Parone

Parone Group, Organizational Development

“The more people put out really good thought-provoking information to get people to think, the better and quicker we can get though this.””

Yasmin S. Brown

International Bestselling Author

“Take a page out of Anita’s book and embrace change.”

Cherie Griffith-Dunn

Business Growth Coach

“I’m so excited for the world to get their hands on this book!” 

Editorial Review: Relentlessly Optimistic

“While not ignoring harsh realities of life in America, Russell is relentlessly optimistic about herself, God, and her readers, and she writes in a relatable, motivational tone indicative of a seasoned life coach.” —Kirkus Reviews

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