The SOAR Values

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1. vision/purpose

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Vision is the lens through which you interpret the events of your life. Your vision is the “where” of your life; that is, not where you are but where you are going. Vision is not just what you see but how you see – pain, people, God. Vision also empowers purpose, the “why” of your personal journey with a focus on something greater than yourself. and belief

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A well-integrated life includes a spiritual domain that reflects faith and belief. And fun, freedom and fulfillment is the destination of a well-integrated life. Fun means experiencing the joy in life that comes by faith. Freedom is a function of your beliefs which influence choices and stewardship.   Fulfillment comes as a result of living life with purpose and by design.

3. Life Transitions

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Making the choice to redesign your life is often a function of changing circumstances, inspiration or both. Essentially, redesigning your life is related to life transitions, which can be major or minor in scope. How we manage those transitions cumulatively and progressively over time  determines the redesign outcome, which can be either transformative or restorative in nature.


Relationships 1

This SOAR value represents a core element of human growth and development. Building, maintaining and sustaining relationships is a skill set that involves ongoing effort, commitment and compromise to establish a solid foundation over time. Managing relationships is a key to success in your spiritual, personal and business life.




Community We

The Community and Family value reflects the desire to have an impact and to make a difference in the lives of others. Serving communities and families is about building quality relationships, being in service to others based on their needs, and using your influence to bring about positive change.



6. Personal economy

Personal Economy 2While everyone pays attention to the national and global economies never forget that it’s personal too. Your personal economy is unique and constantly changes, reflecting the things that truly matter to you – your family, your home, your passions and your career. Life transitions and milestone events force us to re-evaluate our personal economy as life progresses.


7. continuous improvement

Personal DevelopmentThis SOAR value is related to life coaching and personal development in that continuous improvement is a core motivation. A life coach is someone who helps you navigate towards a goal or to make a life change in your life. Personal development is a process of self improvement through continuous learning, skill enhancement, setting/achieving goals and objectives. Continuous improvements activities are self-determined, self-directed and self-monitored.



This value reflects the extra edge exhibited in the desire to share your life experiences and lessons learned through the artistic creative process. For many the process of redesigning life has led to the discovery of expressions of artistry and creativity that benefit and impact others or inspire change.


9. Travel Adds Value

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This SOAR Value reflects a belief in the effect that travels brings to life and how it interconnects with all the other values listed here. Travel adds value to life in four areas – family, career, health and wellness, and retirement. Travel is a mechanism for self-improvement, building diverse relationships, engaging in community service, and creating memorable experiences.

 10. Legacy

Leaving a LegacyThe legacy we leave behind is a true reflection of the life we have led. The things you do for others, the lives you touch, your influence on those around you and the impact you make is your legacy. Creating an inter-generational legacy is life-long endeavor designed by the plans and the choices you make.