InflexionPoint Podcast Episode 9: Being Black Globally

InflexionPoint Podcast Episode 9: Being Black Globally

Date: March 16, 2022

Topic: Exercising the Birthright to be Black and Female Anywhere

Question of the Hour:
What if we truly exercised the birthright to be Black and female anywhere? 


Meet Irijah Stennett, owner of Irie Travels, and a woman who epitomizes the notion of being black globally. She is a certified YogaSkills Kemetic Yoga teacher, Pranic Energy Practitioner, Fashion Designer and creator of “Retreat to Freedom”. Ms. Stennett is excited to teach everyone from kindergartners to seniors, and continue building on her global yoga and wellness journey!

Irijah believes “Travel is the Best Education,” an infamous quote by Moroccan Scholar Ibn Battuta and is currently pursuing her personal endeavors in international travel, fashion design, philanthropy, spending time with her Grams, extended family and growing international wellness community. Irijah is the author of 38 Ways to Discover Freedom, available on Amazon.

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Conversations + Markers

Conversation #1: Benefits of Travel: Access is Everything (4:00 min)
» US travel outside of US
» Access is everything

Conversation #2: Questions about Black people by those outside of the US (18:25 min)
» Multicultural experiences
» Standards of beauty

Conversation #3: Self-identification (26:30 min)
» Self-identification as a key to success
» The freedom to breathe without consent

Conversation 4: Historical Anxiety (38:13 min)
» Anxiety moves your towards who you want to be
» Anxiety can push you towards freedom

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