InflexionPoint Podcast Inception October 2021

InflexionPoint Podcast Inception October 2021

Episode 1: The Premiere

InflexionPoint Podcast is a companion to the Activism through Coaching Model Anita developed under her brand, The Place to SOAR. Together Anita, Mavis and Gail make up an Antiracism Mastermind Group.

As a personal transformation expert, Anita’s role is to question, inform, and empower. A coaching approach in a mastermind setting enables participants to dive deeply into their innermost thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and assumptions while examining what emerges in their words, actions, and behaviors as a member of a racialized society. This approach encourages empowerment in four key areas: courage, conversation, relationship, and accountability. Join Anita, Mavis, and Gail on a transformational journey towards antiracism.

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