The Place from Which I Write…

I have come to recognize that the place from which I write is the edge of who i am and the beginning of God.

Photo by Mona Eendra on Unsplash

Photo by Mona Eendra on Unsplash

I must be willing to approach that edge in order to write the words He speaks into my heart. Otherwise, they lie dormant.


Many thanks to Eric Gordon, who invited me into her book project, creating my first published work in 2014. Motherhood Dreams & Success is a collection of 30 heartfelt stories from women around the world. They stories empower moms everywhere to follow their dreams.
Motherhood Dreams & Success: You Can Have It All
Meet the Co-Authors

 the talented 10 author meet and greet

Talented 10 Author Visit the Place to SOAR
Interview with Sharel E Gordon-Love

Author Meet Greet The Talented 10“The Talented 10” Author Meet and Greet February 28, 2015 at Fusion Fit and Well Fitness Center in Somerset NJ

Some of the authors from this event will visit The Place to SOAR to share their thoughts on the Writer’s Edge, one of the SOAR VALUES. The Writer’s Edge commandment rests on our belief in the power of the written word. It reflects the extra edge exhibited in the desire to share your life experiences and lessons learned through the written word. For many the process of redesigning their life leads to the passion of writing for the enjoyment and benefit of others. The written word becomes a part of the legacy they leave behind.

The following is a list of the very inspiring and blessed authors shown in the picture above.

My “hat” goes off to all of them!

In order from left to right starting with those who are seated.
Cinda Adams Gaskin – Overcoming Church Hurts And Moving Forward in God
Malachy Williams – Simple Steps for Starting a Youth Dance Ministry
Valerie Wilson Wesley – Dying in the Dark
Kathy (KP) Carter – Summertime with Lizzie B Hayes
Gail Taliarerro – The Tally Family: Nia Learns a Lesson
Cindy Williams Newsome – The Vain Girl
Abdul Muhammad – Redemptive Son
Sharel E Gordon-Love – Change Me for My Season
Karoline Bethea Jones – Women on the Edge
Anita D Russell – Motherhood Dreams & Success (Co-Author)

Others very talented people at the event…
Asia Grace, Journalist – Cheekywiki
Eveno Manasse, Photographer – Eman Photography