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Listed on this page are key nonprofit organizations connected to The Place to SOAR.


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The Place to SOAR is committed to doing BIG things to support nonprofits.


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I am a member of a peer-to-peer entrepreneur support group, Entrepreneur Forever. I’ve met some incredible people, like Daniel Little, CEO of involveMINT. Daniel oozes with passion when he talks about his work! —Anita Russell


“We empower communities to adopt impactful projects, solve problems, and create livelihoods through a local network of goods and services.”

#cooperative economics

Community Exchange Network

• Create New Systems
• Empower Communities
• Realize Abundance

Live To Thrive Not Just Survive

• Holistic Educatiom
• Self, Family, Community
• Youth Empowerment

Small Acts of Giving Can Change Lives

• Decrease Suffering
• Support Quality Education
• Peace & Forgiveness

US Coalition of Black Women Businesses

• National organization
• Progressive ideas and action
• Foundation of support