Q: Are You Living On-PAR?


Holding yourself Personally Accountable and Responsible for actions you do or do not take to nurture, grow, and empower your best life?

Personal Impact Mastermind:
6 Keys to Nurture, Grow, and Empower Your Life Through Critical Self-reflection


Master the 6 Keys to Nurture, Grow, and Empower Your Life Through Critical Self-reflection.
At the end of the mastermind experience, you will be equipped to continuously cultivate change through daily growth and personal development, built on a platform of personal accountability and responsibility for your gift of life.

Sneak Peek into this Personal Impact Mastermind:
*A $3000 Value*
» Design. Group limited to 15 participants for maximum impact, peer-to- peer support, and coaching. Meets for 3 hours a week for 8 weeks (1.5 hour Active Learning/Discovery + 1.5 hour Open Forum)

» Inner Personal. The first set of keys is an exploration of the inner personal view of who you are—know yourself, nurture your life, and integrate your life.

» Self-reflection. The second set of keys is a deep dive into the interpersonal view of who you are—connect with others, live intentionally, and seek opportunity.

» Results. Increase your willingness to answer for life outcomes resulting frompersonal choices, behaviors, and actions.

» Unstuck. Break from the feeling of being stuck, unfulfilled, or uninspired. Become the person you aspire to be by examining the person you are.

» Potential. One of the most powerful words in any language, implying possibility, heralding hope, and unveiling greatness.

» Toolkit. The SOAR on-PAR Workbook & Journal is included in the mastermind.

Personal narratives, self-assessments, articles, books, videos, and coaching roadmap.



Grab your seat at the table in this 8-week Personal Impact Mastermind.

You are in the right place if you're looking for an in-depth path to DISRUPT your limiting beliefs, EMPOWER deep self-knowledge, and CHALLENGE your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs.

In this mastermind you receive six keys to nurture, grow, and empower your life built on a plaform of critical self-reflection, personal accountability, and responsibility.

SOAR On-PAR Toolkit Workbook & Journal Included

Structured around using the 6 Keys to...

» Improve personal accountaility by increasing your willingness to answer for life outcimes resulting from personal choices, behaviorss, and actions.

» Empower you to become the person you aspire to be by examining the person that you are.

» Capture your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs along the way.


During your Discovery Call, Anita will answer any questions you may have.

SPACE IS LIMITED so be sure to apply today!

To CHANGE Is to Choose a Higher Anointing to Nurture, Grow  and Empower Your Life.

Change is one of those things about life that is inecitable. Daily growth and personal development are manifestd in inner-personal an interpersonal change.


» Choose to get to know yourself with honesty and transparency.


» Higher Anointing starts with adjusting your mindset and change.


» Nurture caring and encouraging growth and development by living On-PAR.


» Grow by regulalry auditing your life and making stretch decisions along the way


» Empower by living holistically, and not competitively,


So CHANGE is good; it's inevitable and opens up new opportunities for intentional living, significance, and choosing a life that matters.

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The Ultimate Personal Impact Mastermind Program

I designed the personal impact mastermind, 6 Keys to Nurture, Grow and Empower Your Life, as a model of Critical Self-reflection, Personal Accountability, and Responsibility.


It is about asking yourself specific, introspective questions to determine how you manage your gift of life in spite of the storms you encounter.


"It is important to ask inner questions because the root cause of the storm may be inside; though often we naturally look outward for the cause." —Anita D Russell

Your Path to Change Begins with a Discovery Call

If you are strugglng to become the person you aspire to be, then the personal impact mastermind may be just what you need to understand why you struggle. Asking yourself the right questions is key to determining how you manage your gift of life and what you'd like to change.

 Apply for a Discovery Call with Anita and step into the conversation.

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