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We are all born with unique talents and gifts to be used in the realization of our life purpose and to be connected to others. This is the God-given blueprint for our lives.  As we grow and develop we discover the blueprint and strive to use it to design our lives. However, sometimes along the way, life presents decisions, events, transitions, or relationships that can redirect, change, inspire, discourage or destroy our design, often quite unexpectedly.

The Challenge is to go back to the blueprint, to boldly step out and create the change, the transformation or the restoration needed to ReDesign Your Life. In our first online class, Personal Accountability: Exploring the SOAR “Me Factors” we will introduce a toolkit design to help you take an honest look at the state of your life and ask some very critical questions.
The goal of the class is to…

  • Improve personal accountability by increasing your willingness to answer for life outcomes resulting from personal choices, behaviors, and actions.
  • Use The “Me Factors” Personal Accountability Toolkit to become the person you aspire to be by examining the person that you are.

The class consists of three 90-minute sessions on Tuesday and Thursday from 7 pm to 8:30 pm. The exact schedule will be announced later this week.

The cost for the course is $300 per person and satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. The cost also includes 30 min of individual coaching beyond the course time. Class materials are available upon registration.

Gail and I are the co-facilitators for the class and we beyond excited to make this offering available to YOU!


A FREE sneak peek into our first online class will be available once the schedule has been finalized!

Details for registration will be posted soon. Complete the form below to receive the registration information. We look forward to serving YOU!

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