Cairo is a 2 year old little boy born in March 2020. His birth came shortly before former police officer Derek Chauvin took a knee and murdered George Floyd. While preparing for a BLM protest, Cairo’s family ponders this question: Will Cairo have to protest in his lifetime for the birthright to freely and peacefully exist in the skin in which he was born?




This antiracism incubator delivers an experience that (a) prepares you for critical self-reflection of your thoughts, beliefs and ideas about racism, (b) equips you with greater awareness of what emerges in your words, actions, and behaviors as a member of a racialized society, and (c) provides you with a personal transformation strategy towards true allyship and antiracism activation.

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Why You Should Work With Anita...


Increase your awareness of interactions in your home, community, and workplace in relation to multiple dimensions of racism— individual, interpersonal, systemic, and institutional.


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Each cohort is limited to 12 participants for maximum impact, peer-to-peer support, and introspective conversations about race and racism. Cohorts meet twice a week for 8 weeks (1.5 hour Active Learning/Discovery + 1.5 hour Open Forum). Tues/Thu


Acknowledge historical and generational trauma, genocide, systemic enslavement, racism, discrimination, and incarceration.


Getting unstuck from limited beliefs, thoughts and ideas increases awareness of what emerges in your words, actions, and behaviors as a member of a racialized society.


Yes, in fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


Truth, reconciliation, and healing go hand-in-hand. Those who have experienced historical and generational trauma are seen and heard in their own voices and lived experiences through the power of perspective-taking.


Personal narratives, historical documents, articles, books, videos, documentaries, and more!



Grab your seat at the table in this 8-week Social Impact Mastermind as we ponder The Cairo Question. Consider this: What if you had the opportunity to impact social change through personal transformation and individual accountability?

A transformational journey such as this is for those who desire a deeper understanding of themselves, connecting to others, and cultivating change from inside out for the purpose of eradicating racism.

It is a powerful journey for individuals who willingly put their faith in a different future. Join us today!

Become A Bridge Crosser

What Bridge Crossers Are Saying...

Through being a part of this workshop, I have become more aware of the issues of racism in our country, as well as within myself, and the absolute need to become antiracist in order for our country to heal. In sharing her knowledge, experiences, and resources, Anita provided us with a safe place in which to examine and acknowledge our own thoughts and feelings, and in turn, shared hers. One comes away from the workshop realizing this exploring of our country’s real history and its effects must be recognized and acknowledged.
Judy Traister
Social Impact Mastermind Attendee
Participating in Anita’s training helped me re-clarify my commitment to an anti-racist path. She guided our training group deep into traditionally overlooked U.S. history, past and present, and gave each of us space to connect with one another, share experiences, and reflect. Anita expertly achieves a balance between educating on the hard truth of our country’s race dynamics while simultaneously creating a supportive environment in which to connect, share, and learn. Thank you, Anita!
Sarah Grubb
Social Impact Mastermind Attendee
I am so glad I took this training with Anita. I much more fully understand the struggles black people have experienced over the years in a way I didn’t before taking this class. Anita talks about wanting the world to be a better, a safer place for her grandson. A world where he won’t have to protest. I want that for him too. So what can I do? I can make a beginning by ‘seeing’ black people rather than pretending they aren’t there. I mean actually making eye contact, saying hello and having conversations. I can notice my racist thinking when it pops up, acknowledge it and decide to change. I must do this and change...
Susan Wind
Social Impact Mastermind Attendee

The Secret to a Successful Journey is to…

Start with Conversation

In his book, The Conversation, Harvard Professor, Robert Livingston describes conversation as one of the most powerful ways to build knowledge, awareness, and empathy to cultivate change.

Conversation includes both seeking and speaking truth to empower knowledge and understanding of racism and to increase confidence and commitment to engage in racial dialogue. 

Conversation becomes a social exchange that dispels the fear that talking about race will only make it worse.

Anita’s work also aligns with Dr. Livingston’s three essential concepts:

  1. Understanding the problem of racism and where it comes from
  2. Caring enough about the problem and the people it harms
  3. Willingly contributing to solve the problem

During your Discovery Call, Anita will answer any questions you may have. SPACE IS LIMITED so be sure to apply today!

Activism through Coaching

"Racism is a disruptor. When it is present, something other than health and wellness emerges." —Anita D Russell

I designed Activism through Coaching as a means to create a space for courageous conversations about racism, personal transformation, and individual accountability.

The Conversation Will Begin with a Discovery Call...

If you are strugglng to understand the multiple dimensions of racism—individual, interpersonal, institutional, systemic or structural . If you are ready to explore putting your faith in a different future. If you are looking to truly impact social change, then a transformational journey towards antiracism may be just what you are seeking. Apply for a Discovery Call with Anita and step into the conversation.