Susan M Evans, SOAR Facilitator


It is my pleasure to introduce a SOAR Facilitotor, Susan M Evans. Susan is not your average human being! As a “Creative Extraordinaire” she embodies the SOAR Value of Creativity. To echo the words of Maya Angelou, the more Susan uses her creativity the more creative she becomes. I met Susan when she was in elementary school and as adults we are an example of true sisterhood, an empowering force to reckon with.

Born and raised primarily in Pittsburgh PA, Susan Marie Morton was also raised in West Palm Beach FL. In addition, she has lived in multiple cities throughout her life including Fort Meade MD, Minneapolis MN,  Greenville and Duncan SC, as well as Bellflower CA. In all that diverse city living, Susan has gained a passion for people and the drive to help them grow.

In her creative life, Susan is an artist, a jewelry designer, a logo creator and a future author in-the-making. Professionally, her background includes Sign Maintenance and Repair Person with Port Authority in Pittsburgh, where she is currently employed, and Functional Analyst, Pediatric Supervision and Medical Receptionist in the healthcare industry. Educationally, she has attended the Concord Career institute, graduating as a Medical Assistance; and the Bereau Bible School in Minneapolis strengthening her skills in ministry.

Not only is Susan a creative extraordinaire, she’s a creative with the heart and passion for serving others. Embodying the SOAR Value of Community and Family, she has stepped into the supportive role that The Place to SOAR plays with nonprofit organizations in Pittsburgh, the OMA Center for Mind, Body, Spirit (Board Member) and the Homeless Children’s Education Fund (volunteer).

Susan joins forces with the Place to SOAR LLC to launch the SOAR Coaching Academy and The Place to SOAR TV in Pittsburgh. She is currently pursuing John Maxwell Coaching Certification.  Together  we are two Black Queens Soaring!


Walk by faith and know your why.
Move with vision, purpose and action.
Nurture family and community relationships.
Reflect on transitions, choices and outcomes.
And just know it’s all personal and unique.

Continuously improve and navigate,
Go big to build, inspire and give.
Create with wisdom and no limits.
Allow fluid living to shape your life.
And just know you’ll leave behind a powerful legacy.