Cultivating Change from the Inside Out: The Power of Being Human

Cultivating Change from the Inside Out: The Power of Being Human


This is my second writing project as an independent author. The book is intended to be a guide to the power of being human when confronted with social ills such as racism. It is dedicated to my grandsons. I pray their lives will be free from the need to someday protest for their right to exist as humans in Black skin. I pray their dreams will not be systematically broken or deferred.


This book was written during the COVID-19 pandemic and the call for justice. Specifically, after the killing of George Floyd, when the nation found itself under siege from two viruses—one biological and the other systemic.

It is also written to all those who struggle with understanding the infinite worth and value of being human. To all those who are willing to activate personal accountability and responsibility in connection to themselves and others. And to all those who are willing to take a stand against racism and inequity by  first looking within to examine their heart, mind, and beliefs. Self-examination serves to unleash the potential for transformation—not just for yourself but as a gift to the world and to God.

Presented through the lens of antiracism, I take the position that the true power of being human is built on the acknowledgement of race as a social construct. It lives generationally in the ideas, thoughts, and beliefs lying in the hearts and minds of people. Besides the need for systemic and institutional change, rooting out racism requires self-reflection to cultivate change from the inside out.

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