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As a personal transformation expert, empowering women to step into and embrace their discomfort zone is a major component of my work. I believe embracing the energy of discomfort can be a catalyst for personal transformation. I also believe that personal transformation has the potential to activate much-needed personal, business, and social change.

Are you ready to…

  • Invest in yourself and your daily growth?
  • Commit to cultivating change in your life?
  • Hold yourself accountable for becoming the person you truly desire to be?
  • Nurture your strengths, appreciate your worth, and enhance the value you bring to others?

“No one has gone from ignorance to wisdom quickly; you can't make a short crossing over a long bridge!”

― Mehmet Murat ildan

Which Bridge Do You Need Help Crossing?

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Race as a social construct is based on the thoughts, ideas and beliefs that lie within the hearts and minds of people. For this reason, overcoming systemic racism and miseducation requires systemic and institutional change, as well as self-reflection and personal transformation.

In her self-help guide to dismantling racism, author and life coach Anita D. Russell shares her approach to true change from the inside out using personal development, sustainable relationships, and transformational living.

In its core, Cultivating Change from the Inside Out is a series of lessons on self-reflection, personal transformation, accountability, and responsibility.

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