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Personal Transformation Expert

Striving for maximum impact personally and socially

Are you ready to…

  • Invest in yourself and your daily growth?
  • Commit to cultivating change in your life?
  • Hold yourself accountable for becoming the person you truly desire to be?
  • Nurture your strengths, appreciate your worth, and enhance the value you bring to others?

Coaching should be transformational. Expressly to cultivate change through daily growth, personal transformation, and accountability. It’s all designed to DISRUPT limiting beliefs, EMPOWER critical self-reflection, and CHALLENGE assumptions to unveil your true potential.

Self-Directed Coaching: Targeted Growth and Personal Development.

Self-Directed Coaching: Targeted Growth and Personal Development.

Choosing this option means you have a specific topic to tackle and need coaching from time to time. Self-directed coaching encourages individuals to identify growth needs and utilize the right development tools to nurture and cultivate life change. Coaching tools include the ASK-n-Learn Drop-in Coaching Clinic and The Place to SOAR platform.

Individual Coaching: Growth from Within

Individual Coaching: Growth from Within

1:1 coaching programs range from 3 months6 months, or 12 months.
Growth from within means recognizing that you have to know yourself from the inside out to achieve personal transformation. Together we cultivate change through discovery (appreciate the best of what is), dream (what could be; define the ideal), design (what should be; plan the action steps) and destiny (what will be; sustain the vision).

Group Coaching Workshops: Facilitated Coaching in a Small Group Setting

Group Coaching Workshops: Facilitated Coaching in a Small Group Setting

Group coaching workshop topics include the laws of growth, intentional living, communicating and connecting, and developing the leader within.

Two (2) SOAR Mastermind Options Are Available:

Two (2) SOAR Mastermind Options Are Available:

Tap to Learn About Personal Impact Mastermind: 6 Keys to Nurture, Grow, and Empower Your Life



Tap to Learn About Social Impact Mastermind: A Transformational Journey Towards Antiracism

Upcoming Events

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Take the First Step Towards Becoming a Bridge Crosser 

Next Session – July 21, 2022
Topic: Courage Is a Curious Thing
Question of the Hour: Courage, What’s In It for Me?

Courage is a curious thing. Those who have it need not explain it. Those who do not have it don’t understand it. Courage is not the absence of fear. Nor is it fearlessness. Nor is it bravery.

Meet here every 3rd Thursday 

2-3:30 PM ET

January thru October

Limited to 15 participants | $50 per person per session

The Inner MBA Program Makes Clarity Possible


It will enable you to take a purpose-filled approach to business while accelerating results, whether you’re a C-level executive or just starting out. 

There’s so much power and possibility in our everyday lives to create the kind of world we want to live it. We invite you to learn more about the Inner MBA program and apply today as your first step towards greater purpose. 


The Inner MBA is a 9-month certification program created by our friends at Sounds True, along with LinkedIn and Wisdom 2.0, to help you master the inner work of business to achieve exceptional results.

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This is one of the most common questions we get from aspiring authors, first time authors, and authors who have launched books. Learn to make your book a business, sell more books, and earn more book revenue (even if you have tried other marketing strategies and they didn’t work).

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