From Surviving to Thriving: Summer 2018

The Place to SOAR  recently participated in a half-day workshop focused on youth, where parents, educators and mentors came together to learn holistic skills for the healthy development of our young people–in mind, body, and spirit.

SOAR Workshop — Positive Self-Image: Are You Up to PAR?

As one of the workshop leaders, I guided the audience in a discussion of the importance of positive self-image in youth. Specifically, we will examine self-image through the lens of bullying thoughts, actions and behaviors and how it all links to personal accountability and responsibility (PAR). We discussed the need for leadership, influence and connection in bullying intervention and prevention.

Did you know?
1) 70% of teens do not have a positive self-image
2) Peers play varying roles in the bully experience
3) Bullying is your business

PAR: Personal Accountability and Responsibility
Bullying is Everybody’s Business
Leadership | Influence | Connection

Take Action Today
User Guides are available to broaden the understanding of various roles such as community leaders, faith leaders, educators, administrators, parents. etc. Guides are available for 11 different audiences

Sample Guide – Understanding the Roles of School Administrators in Community-Wide Bullying Prevention Efforts

This Road Map helped to guide our discussion.


Do you know about the KnowBullying Prevention App?
Read about it…learn how you can help.

GYI: Life Up! Lead & Empower Workshop

“To CHANGE is to choose His anointing to nurture, grow and empower.”
— Anita D Russell


3 Dynamic John Maxwell Coaches are coming together to host the First Global Youth Initiative event in Homestead PA!

GYI: Life Up! Lead & Empower Workshop Facilitators

♦ Anita D Russell, The Place to SOAR Founder/CEO
♦ Susan Evans, The Place to SOAR Partner
♦ Juane Tyler, Tyler Consulting & Associates Founder/CEO

“We are partnering together to equip, inspire and empower youth to be the leaders they were created to be.” 


Community Center at the Homestead Senior Hi-rise
441 East 8th Avenue Homestead PA 15120

April 28, 2018
Kids Workshop 11 AM – 12:30 PM
Teen Workshop 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM


Introductory Video
Featuring Nick Vujicic, YouthMax Ambassador

Spoken Word
Featuring spoken word artist, Devantae Butler, author of  Mindset: A Guide to Reaching Your Full Potential

Theme Song
Unity in the Community composed by Jeff Russell


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Learn more about the John Maxwell Global Youth Initiative at

The Place to SOAR BIG Events
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Marianne Williamson IS COMING TO PITTSBURGH!

The Place to SOAR is proud to support OMA Pittsburgh as the host of the Marianne Williamson Love America Tour in Pittsburgh on May 9, 2018.

OMA Center for Mind, Body & Spirit is HOSTING Marianne Williamson IN Pittsburgh on May  9, 2018 as part of her Love America Tour!

Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, author and lecturer. 

Her first book, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A COURSE IN MIRACLES, is considered a classic in the realm of modern spirituality. Her other books include Age of Miracles, Everyday Grace, A Woman’s Worth, Illuminata, and Healing the Soul of America. She has been a popular guest on television programs such as Oprah, Larry King Live, Good Morning America and Charlie Rose.

Never before in Pittsburgh, tickets for this singular event will sell quickly, So RESERVE YOUR SEATS NOW  to ensure that you can be a part of this exciting time in our wonderful city!


All sponsorship levels include participation in the special event Marianne Williamson: Love America Tour hosted by OMA on May 9, 2018.

View details on    |   Download Flyer    |   Purchase Tickets

An OMA Pittsburgh Event



coming december 14, 2017

It is such a joy to be a part of this incredible organization! Our first Food for the Soul encounter is coming this week and I’m thrilled to be one of the hosts!


Join us at the Twentieth Century Club in the heart of Oakland for a wonderful opportunity to share thoughts, ideas and needs on each other’s journey in the realm of Mind, Body, and Spirit in a comfortable setting of like-minded individuals.

In this ultramodern world we can lose ourselves in a number of ways with busy lives, stressful jobs, financial burdens and mindless entertainment as an escape. At times we feel like life is a crazy, tedious grind and there’s just got to be something more. Let’s talk about that…


Life Up! Mini-YouthMAX Plus Workshop Burlington NJ

3 Most Important Letters: Y.O.U.
Featured a video lesson from Nicj Vujicic, YouthMAX Ambassador
Facilitated by Anita D Russell, Certified YouthMAX Plus Coach, Teacher and Speaker

June 3, 2017
Full Gospel Christian Assembly Church, Burlington NJ
The workshop was added to a Women’s Conference hosted by Commissioned 2 International

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Church Workshop Focus:
Realizing and appreciatng who we are, opens the door to opportunity and leads individuals ro success. The lesson helps youth to…

  • Believe they are important to the world
  • Identify gifts, including their talents and skills
  • Explain that using their gifts adds value to others
  • Develop an attititude of gratitude
  • Be positive, loving themsevles and others

Life Up! YouthMAX Plus Workshop Trenton NJ

To change the world by inspiring and equipping young people to lead themselves and others with character, mutual respect and integrity.

This YouthMAX Workshop was held at the Conservatory Mansion in Trenton NJ during the John Maxwell Global Youth Initiative Week
Facilitated by Anita D Russell, Certified YouthMAX Plus Coach, Teacher and Speaker

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April 29  |  12-1:30 PM
Stand Up and Be Counted
Ages 8 to 13

Stand Up and Be Counted
Learn positive attitudes and actions that will help stop bullying and lift others up.
Nearly everyone has been bullied or knows someone they care about who has. Bullying doesn’t benefit anyone – not even the bully. It lowers and demeans the bully – who is strong enough to be a force for good – and it harms the victim who feels powerless and ashamed. Stand Up and Be Counted teaches three ways to deal with bullying in a positive, affirming way:

  • Stand Up – Be confident in your own value
  • Lift Up – Use your influence to help others
  • Pick Up – Help others who are being bullied by picking them up.

April 29  |  2-6 PM
lead and empower WORKSHOP
Ages 14 to 18

Developing a Positive Self-Image
Understand and apply key ways to develop and maintain a positive self-image
Most successful people have a positive self-image. While some of that attitude comes from succeeding, it is impossible to even begin moving toward success unless you believe in yourself enough go after your goals and dreams while learning to fail forward.

Developing a Positive Self-Image teaches both the value of confidence and practical ways to develop and maintain a positive self-image.

Developing a Strong Personal Character
Learn what it takes to develop strong and effective personal character.
Nothing is more personal than character – the set of values and actions that define who you are and who you want to become. Character decisions are the single most important factor that drives you on to success or dooms you to failure. When you learn to make strong character choices and manage daily decisions in alignment with your values, you can begin moving toward your goals and dreams with confidence.

Developing a Strong Personal Character teaches how to choose positive daily decisions that will help you align your actions with your values and learn to achieve lasting personal success.

Anita D Russell, YouthMax Plus Facilitator