Creativity & Leadership

Creativity & Leadership

Life Coaching Application

In my coaching system, creativity shows up as help my clients to proactively cultivate change. I help clients become who they aspire to be by examining who they are. When clients are guided through discovering who they are on a deeply inner personal level, often what emerges is their own creativity to step out and redesign thoughts, feelings and beliefs. As a result, they begin moving forward to living their best life. As a coach I help clients become leaders through creativity in their own lives!

Masterclass: Anna Wintour Teaches Creativity and Leadership

There are three things that literally make me get out of the bed in the morning. Reading God’s Word. Learning expressed as creativity. Cultivating change. One of my learning platforms is MasterClass, a brilliant online learning platform where individuals, such as you and me, can learn from masters in their respective fields.

I am currently learning from Anna Wintour—editor-in-chief at Vogue and artistic director of Condé Nast—teaching creativity and leadership. She shares management tips, finding your success voice, leading with vision, decision-making, and tons more.

I love that Anna delivers a message about leadership through creativity. I believe that fundamentally leadership is about influence. What I see is that a creative leader is able to inspire people to get things done and produce results by generating and developing creative ideas, thoughts and originality.

Try something that is most extreme, that is the most creative, because when you’re doing that, you get to the true heart of who you are.
—Anna Wintour

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