Hurdles to Triumph

Hurdles to Triumph

“The triumph can’t be had without the struggle.”
—Wilma Rudolph

Moving through life and jumping hurdles is a part of everyone’s journey. And mine is no exception. The biggest lesson that I have learned along the way is that my own inner beliefs and self talk have more impact and influence on me than those filtering in from the outside. Pastor Brian Edmond, Senior Pastor of Macedonia Pittsburgh, my home church, spoke recently about living from the inside out. What resides on the inside should influence what is manifested on the outside, not the other way around. Very powerful indeed, especially when you have triumphed over the negative self talk that resides in your head, most of which —believe it or not— is rooted in past experiences.

One of my goals as a life coach is to help people move through hurdles right into triumph and victory. Watch the video to learn more…


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