Life Up! Mini-YouthMAX Plus Workshop Burlington NJ

Life Up! Mini-YouthMAX Plus Workshop Burlington NJ

3 Most Important Letters: Y.O.U.
Featured a video lesson from Nicj Vujicic, YouthMAX Ambassador
Facilitated by Anita D Russell, Certified YouthMAX Plus Coach, Teacher and Speaker

June 3, 2017
Full Gospel Christian Assembly Church, Burlington NJ
The workshop was added to a Women’s Conference hosted by Commissioned 2 International

Church Workshop Focus:
Realizing and appreciatng who we are, opens the door to opportunity and leads individuals ro success. The lesson helps youth to…

  • Believe they are important to the world
  • Identify gifts, including their talents and skills
  • Explain that using their gifts adds value to others
  • Develop an attititude of gratitude
  • Be positive, loving themsevles and others
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