Podcast – Give It Up with Margo Hinton

Podcast – Give It Up with Margo Hinton

Undoubtedly, Margo Hinton is one of my absolute favorite people. We met a couple of years ago at at community event at Propel School on the North Side of Pittsburgh. Her energy, excitement, and passion can be heard with every word that she speaks. We are also connected as Premier Members of Women Speakers Association Pittsburgh. As the Global Business Connector for WSA Pittsburgh, it is my honor to have Margo as a member of my leadership team. It was my pleasure to be a featured guest on the Give It Up with Margo Hinton Podcast on Urban Media—along with two other WSA members in Pittsburgh, Yasmin S Brown and Jackey Collier, also on my leadership team.

Meet Margo Hinton

Margo is a High School and Collegiate Hall of Fame basketball star. She is an author, entrepreneur, teacher and coach on a mission to transform the lives of young people.  She has been a teacher and a coach for 28 years, inspiring children to find and follow their passion.  Margo has coached basketball, softball and volleyball. She’s helped her student’s dance, sing, draw, run, drum and shoot their way toward success.

Margo has a book, a blog and a podcast which all highlight her desire to inspire others.  Her children’s book is titled Lailah’s Lesson:  You Can Do Anything!  The book encourages our youth to believe in themselves.  Her blog is called Best Thing I Heard Today, where her goal is to infuse positive messages around every day conversation.  Her podcast is Give It Up.  Margo and her guests discuss sports, education and community engagement and leave the listener with actionable steps to be applied in their own lives. 

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