“Sometimes They Think I’m the Help”

“Sometimes They Think I’m the Help”

Black CEOs Speak Up about Discrimination on Long Island, Saying They’re Often Made to Feel Like Outsiders

Long Island, NY

Black business owners on Long Island say that regardless of their years of experience or achievements, they are often made to feel like outsiders. In excerpts from a conversation hosted by Newsday, four Black CEOs discuss the impact of race and racism on their careers.   Credit: Newsday / Jeffrey Basinger

Deidre Helberg, CEO

One of the featured guests is Deidre Helberg. She is the CEO for her family business, Helberg Electrical Supply. She is also the President to the U.S. Coalition of Black Women Businesses (USCBWB), founded in February 2020.

As a Black woman business owner, I am proud to be a member of the USCBWB. I also serve as the USCBWB Northeast Regional Partner, residing in Pittsburgh PA.
—Anita D Russell, Founder/Principal at The Place to SOAR

USCBWB is a Hub for Resources and Staying Connected 

  • Networking. Become a part of a community. Entrepreneurs, practitioners, educators, and policymakers committed to ensuring that our businesses and communities are valued, resourceful. Supported with regularly scheduled networking events
  • Social Media. Engage with our community online, in webinars and events. Receive resources that intersect communities around the country through various social media platforms.
  • Partners. Join one of the Regional Partners in communities across the country. Access a local network of leaders and resources.

USCBWB Supports Your Health and Your Business

  • Resources. Online and direct access to industry-specific resources that support business growth.
  • Business Development. Find opportunities to grow your business. Procurement partnerships, new business with corporations, and member-enterprises.
  • Professional Growth. Take advantage of dynamic opportunities, including our Health & Social Equity Series. Expand your knowledge on topics that promote the health and wealth of our businesses and communities.
  • Advocacy.  Attend national, state and local trainings, events, collaborations and activities. Ensure that policymakers are making positive and equitable decisions that support the wellbeing of ourselves, our businesses, and communities.  

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