Artist Tranikka Powell: The Lion Queen

Artist Tranikka Powell: The Lion Queen

A Passionate Artist

Hello, my name is Tranikka Powell. I was born in West Palm Beach, Florida and grew up with three sisters and two brothers. I remember developing my passion for art at a very young age when I would sit on the living room floor and watch my mother draw all sorts of characters with the most memorable being Sarah from “The Land Before Time” (as I really liked dinosaurs back then).

Art truly became a part of my life after family turmoil eventually lead to the separation of all of my siblings and me from our mom and each other. It became all I had growing up and for the longest time was my only ray of light against the shadows of abuse and uncertainty. Now I predominately draw as a means to make others happy. It’s God’s gift to me and though I may not be a Picasso, it’s a gift I really like to share with others.

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