Be Uniquely You

Be Uniquely You

Sometimes, I think we as human beings have forgotten what it means to simply be uniquely you; that blending in homogeneously has become the order of the times. Like there’s only one ideal state or look or way of thinking that everyone should strive towards. So, what if you could see every micro experience you’ve ever had across the span of your lifetime? What if you recall every opportunity you have ever had to touch someone’s life; to cultivate change through transformational strategies; or to make decisions that bring you into unique joy, significance and fulfillment?

Leading up to my 63rd birthday, God dropped a special message onto my spirit. I’ve never been one to stress over age. It’s has always been about winding up rather than down; being better tomorrow than yesterday; or growing wiser as time progresses. The message helped me look at age from a yet another perspective.

The message resonated with me and I decided to share it with you. Consider this: What if you could create a micro experience map or a pointillism painting (aka the power of dots) that chronicles a lifetime? Each dot representing a unique micro experience over a lifetime. Imagine how different your painting would be from mine or anyone else’s. This message forms the basis of the theme for my life in 2020, “Be Uniquely You”. You were created to be significant, one-of-a-kind, not a duplicate of anyone else. I consider the number two billion as it relates to the unique painting of my lifetime.

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