Book Release Testimonials: Cultivating Change from the Inside Out

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Grab the newest book by Anita D Russell, life coach and international bestselling author. A no-frills book on a heavy topic, just the thing to add to your bookshelf.

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Lisa Hannigan

Virtual Engagement Specialist

“This is a peak moment, I believe, and a very great moment for you to be writing this book.”

Jane Parmel

Chief “Change it Up” Officer
Resilience & Profitability Coach

“I feel like I was looking into your soul as you were writing it.”

Irma Parone

Parone Group, Organizational Development

“The more people put out really good thought-provoking information to get people to think, the better and quicker we can get though this.””

Yasmin S. Brown

International Bestselling Author

“Take a page out of Anita’s book and embrace change.”

Cherie Griffith-Dunn

Business Growth Coach

“I’m so excited for the world to get their hands on this book!” 

Editorial Review: Relentlessly Optimistic

“While not ignoring harsh realities of life in America, Russell is relentlessly optimistic about herself, God, and her readers, and she writes in a relatable, motivational tone indicative of a seasoned life coach.” —Kirkus Reviews

Book Launch Cultivating Change From the Inside Out


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The Story Behind the Book

I wrote this book in response to a question my daughter asked me as she and her sister prepared for a Black Lives Metter protest in Pittsburgh PA, shortly after the murder of George Floyd. She asked me the question after realizing that our family represented three generations of protesting for the same thing—our birthright to freely exist in the melanized skin in which we were born.

She asked me if I thought her son, Cairo, just three months old at the time, would have to protest in his lifetime, again for the same exact thing. So, I wrote the book as a contribution to the call for antiracism action through personal transformation. Race as a social construct is based on the ideas and beliefs that lie in people’s hearts and minds. For this reason, overcoming systemic racism and miseducation requires systemic and institutional change, as well as self-reflection and personal transformation.

The book is presented as a self-help guide to dismantling racism by cultivating true change from the inside out using personal development, sustainable relationships, and transformational living.

A Series of Conversations

Leading up to the launch of the book, I did a series of conversations providing a deeper glimpse into the book content. The entire series is available on my YouTube Channel .The Place to SOAR

Conversation 1
Conversation 2
Conversation 3
Conversation 4
Conversation 5
Conversation 6

I Wanna See Laney’s House: A Sibling Story

Your walk with God: A daily testimony of faith, trust, and belief? A weekly routine of doctrine, tradition, and customs? Or nonexistent? Every person’s story is a microcosmic enactment of God’s eternal story, a portrayal of His relationship with humanity. Written with a cathartic tone, this sibling story reveals an adventurous testimony to the presence of God over the entire course of a lifetime. It is a testimony of developing faith and struggle for identity, personal acceptance, and self-liberation. With liberation comes freedom, and Anita believes freedom is the absence of fear. The absence of fear in Anita’s life has been a long time coming-taking nearly six decades to abolish the fear that began with childhood trauma and grief.


Trauma | Grief | Triumph

When God shows up, things can change in an instant or over a lifetime. When God showed up for Anita, He refocused her life leading her away from a past life of brokenness and fear to a current life of wholeness and purpose.