I Wanna See Laney’s House: A Sibling Story

I Wanna See Laney’s House: A Sibling Story

Your walk with God: A daily testimony of faith, trust, and belief? A weekly routine of doctrine, tradition, and customs? Or nonexistent? Every person’s story is a microcosmic enactment of God’s eternal story, a portrayal of His relationship with humanity. Written with a cathartic tone, this sibling story reveals an adventurous testimony to the presence of God over the entire course of a lifetime. It is a testimony of developing faith and struggle for identity, personal acceptance, and self-liberation. With liberation comes freedom, and Anita believes freedom is the absence of fear. The absence of fear in Anita’s life has been a long time coming-taking nearly six decades to abolish the fear that began with childhood trauma and grief.


Trauma | Grief | Triumph

When God shows up, things can change in an instant or over a lifetime. When God showed up for Anita, He refocused her life leading her away from a past life of brokenness and fear to a current life of wholeness and purpose.

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