Personal Memoir: God’s Creative Genius

Why recreate average when you can copy genius?

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Most people do not understand  that theology is quite different from religion. I define myself as theological, mainly because I reject the label of being religious. I agree with the assertion of C.S. Lewis (loosely paraphrased here) that theology is like a map that is based on experiencing God rather than merely learning and thinking about God through doctrine. Simply being religious is like learning about the earth and the fullness thereof yet experiencing the earth as if it were flat. Continue reading

Personal Memoir: Career Adventure

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Breast Cancer Cancer Awareness Training in South Africa

Touch n Learn

Touch n Learn

I had a most adventurous career at a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey over the span of 25 years. I started off as a bench scientist in metabolism and pharmacokinetics, which is a fancy way of saying I was a drug discovery scientist. Because I am what career coach Emile Wapnick calls a “multipotentialite” –one who has many interests, many jobs over a lifetime, and many interlocking potentials– my career has been somewhat eclectic. My life over the past 25 years has included drug discovery, learning and development, diversity and inclusion, science education reform, network marketing, mentoring, life coaching, homeschooling, writing, consulting, event planning, and instructional design and development. Today, I am a social entrepreneur and certified life coach who holds a masters in education. Continue reading

Remind Her: Tribute to Hillary

Another Zane Mom

Dedicated to my daughter Hillary, one of the loves of my life

Father in the name of Jesus,
Lift every stronghold on the mind | heart | spirit
Of this daughter | sister | mother | friend
Remind her that you were there when she was at the lowest point in her life
Remind her that you were there guarding her when she was lost and unaware
Remind her of your promise to never leave her even when she leaves you
Remind her where she used to be compared to where she is
Remind her that you are there even when she doesn’t feel or acknowledge you

Remind her that you created in her a Proverbs 31 woman;
Designed for greatness and excellence
Remind her that everything she needs to fulfill her (your) purpose is already inside her
Remind her that self discovery is a key to life and living;
That discovering you leads to discovering her
Remove the strongholds that she may see the treasure that she is

Do You Still Have It?


Ship in the harborDo have still have unresolved dreams and desires that keep you unfulfilled in your life? Do you still think about unaccomplished goals? Is that degree still waiting for you? Is that book idea still haunting you? Do you keep unfinished designs in your closet? Are the years passing you by with projects unresolved? Are you starting to engage in conversations with others or yourself addressing should’ve, would’ve, could’ve? This is just to remind you that you’re not dead yet! As long as there is breath in your body and the desire is embedded in you, you have time to accomplish your unfulfilled desires and move forward into your new destiny. Continue reading

Procrastination: Get It Done!

By Gail

ProcrastinationProcrastination occurs when you postpone various task, duties and/or other responsibilities and utilize your time on more desirable and/or comfortable activities, or accomplish nothing at all. Procrastination can result in adding negative influences to your life! Procrastination can cause stress, anxiety, a sense of guilt and crisis, health issues and loss of personal and/or professional productivity. Procrastination can also cause a negative social impact for not meeting responsibilities and/or commitments. (These feelings combined can cause additional procrastination in our lives). Procrastination is the killer of dreams! Don’t get me wrong, it is normal for people to procrastinate to a degree, but it becomes a serious problem when it disrupts normal functioning and becomes a chronic problem, which can be a sign of an underlying psychological disorder. Some chronic procrastinator experience difficulties seeking help. This is due to the negative social stigma and beliefs that people who procrastinate are lazy, have no will power and/or ambition. Continue reading

Who’s Soaring: Olivia Russell


The Place to SOAR periodically features young people starting their journey of soaring into their destiny and walking in their purpose – the very reason they are on the planet. The first to be featured is my daughter, Olivia Russell, a senior Musical Theatre major at Howard University. Over the years I have watched this young lady grow into her gifts and talent and I am a very proud mama!

Olivia Russell: One Classy Lady

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Olivia Russell was born in Trenton, NJ on July 8th 1992. She grew up in a household with her mother, Anita, and sister, Hillary. From a very young age, Olivia displayed characteristics of a thespian and a promising future on the stage. Frequently, she would find herself choreographing dances, writing songs, and short stories in her spare time. She was active in the local theatre community, acting in several of  Mill Hill Playhouse productions, as well as writing her own plays and performing in the Trenton Children’s Chorus. All throughout her teenage years she attended the Professional Center for The Arts where she was enrolled full time in their Senior Company, taking classes than ran the gamut from Pointe to Musical Theatre. Continue reading

My Life ReDesigned


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In 2013 I made a milestone decision and took a very bold step in life – retire early and walk away from a successful corporate career to pursue a new career as a social entrepreneur. What I found is that it was virtually impossible to fit this BIG DREAM into my then current life. So I took the necessary steps to redesign my life, considering some critical areas such as my faith in God, my personal economy, family and relationships, personal development, and my passion in life. In fact, the theme of my retirement party was “My ReDesigned Life”.

Continue reading