Remind Her: Tribute to Hillary

Remind Her: Tribute to Hillary

Another Zane Mom

Dedicated to my daughter Hillary, one of the loves of my life

Father in the name of Jesus,
Lift every stronghold on the mind | heart | spirit
Of this daughter | sister | mother | friend
Remind her that you were there when she was at the lowest point in her life
Remind her that you were there guarding her when she was lost and unaware
Remind her of your promise to never leave her even when she leaves you
Remind her where she used to be compared to where she is
Remind her that you are there even when she doesn’t feel or acknowledge you

Remind her that you created in her a Proverbs 31 woman;
Designed for greatness and excellence
Remind her that everything she needs to fulfill her (your) purpose is already inside her
Remind her that self discovery is a key to life and living;
That discovering you leads to discovering her
Remove the strongholds that she may see the treasure that she is

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